Safety And Security Measures You’re Missing When Outdoors

Safety And Security Measures You’re Missing When Outdoors

October 31, 2019 / Comments Off on Safety And Security Measures You’re Missing When Outdoors

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Camping and hiking are two pleasurable activities we can do outdoors. The thrill and excitement that the wild are memorable experiences for everyone. But the fun can be ruined and might come to an early end if we are not totally secured or safe. In this article, we will learn about security measures to prevent and anticipate accidents that might occur in the wilderness, whether you're out hunting, camping, or hiking.

Safety And Security Measures You’re Missing When Outdoors

If you ask me,there is something about nature and the great outdoors that's very therapeutic. But we always have to remember that we are in the wild and danger lurks in every corner of the woods, from wild animals to dangerous terrain to unpredictable weather conditions. Therefore to prevent the unexpected from happening, we must be prepared all the time. Listed below are some of the tips and security measures that we need to do so that the fun will continue until the end of your trip. You probably know some of these tips but I guess it wouldn't hurt to be reminded for your safety.

1. Bring A Friend

Bring A Friend | Safety And Security Measures You’re Missing When Outdoors

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I know there are instances when  you want to travel alone and explore the world on your own. But having a companion is much safer, especially if you're not that familiar with the place. Remember 127 Hours with James Franco? Having responsible camping and hiking buddies does not only add fun to your trip but there will be someone to look after you in case of an emergency. And don't forget to tell someone back home where you are going so that they'll know where to find you if something unpleasant happened.

2. Check Physical Condition

Before you embark into a strenuous activity such as hiking, you need to be physically fit and mentally prepared. This is not an easy activity and it requires the right amount of physical and  mental conditioning. Don't ever attempt this vigorous pursuit if you have a medical condition. But if you're an adventurer by heart and nothing can stop you then do it with supervision.

3. Appropriate Clothing Is A Must

You need to wear the right clothes for this occasion. Wear something that's comfortable yet can protect you from harsh weather conditions.  You don't want to wear summer clothes if you're going to hike the Andes mountains.

4. Inspect Equipment

Before any trip, you need to check every equipment that you'll bring. Test everything first if it's working properly. You don't want to ruin the whole trip because you suddenly found out that one of them is broken. Be sure to pack signaling devices like flares.

5. Be Aware Of the Weather

You need to be aware of the weather before the hike or climb. Check weather reports every now and then so you will be guided, so you'll be able to decide on what to pack or if the hike or climb is worth pursuing. Always be reminded of the saying “it's better to be safe than sorry”.

6. Knowledge In Basic First Aid Is Required

Carrying a first aid kit whenever you're camping or hiking is not an option. Rather it is a must. Basic knowledge in administering first aid in an emergency situation is advantageous especially when help is hours away from where the accident happened.

7. Camp Before Nightfall

Camp Before Nightfall | Safety And Security Measures You’re Missing When Outdoors

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You need to set up your camp before nightfall. This is to avoid any injury that might occur when traveling in the dark. You also might want to consider setting up camp far from cliff edges to ensure your safety. One of the security measures you need to keep in mind when camping in the dark is to have adequate lighting. Be sure that your flashlight or headlamp is within your reach because it's difficult to move in the dark.

8. Think Before You Act

When you're out in the woods or on a hike,  avoid getting drunk or inebriated. Safety is your number one concern all throughout the trip, and unlike the city proper, one small misstep in the woods can be fatal.

Watch this video from BackpackingTV for more info on how to be safe and prepared in trails :

Safety should always be in the mind of a great outdoorsman. Follow every security measures to have an awesome trip and an adventure you won't regret and forget. Stay guarded and protected all the time whenever you're out in woods and having the time of your life. Being wise, prepared and staying safe can make the entire experience something to cherish about. If you have anything you want to include on this list of tips, tell us through the comments below. Have a safe trip y'all!

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