VIDEO: How to Pack a Backpack

How to Pack a Backpack

May 23, 2016 / Comments (3)

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In face of apocalyptic scenarios, bugging out is one of your options. It sounds more appealing than staying home but the escape has its challenges, like your bug out bag for example. Even if you want to, it’s just not practical to bring all of your stuff with you. You need to learn how to pack right and light. The objective of packing a BOB or backpack the right way is to be able to carry all the essentials in the lightest possible way. By doing this, you have everything you need with you without having to struggle with a heavy load on your back.

Remember that you should carry only the most important. Do not bring items you can do without such as books and heavy tools. People have a tendency to carry extra towels, shoes, clothes, and various other items that just add up to the total weight of the backpack.

However, carrying less weight does not imply on compromising your safety, as it must always comes first. Make sure to keep in mind these backpacking tips from REI’s YouTube channel.

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VIDEO: How to Pack a Backpack

  1. 28 years in USMC all infantry field. Have carried plenty of packs. The one thing almost all people forget is, the higher on your back you carry the pack the better you and your back will be at the end of a long march.

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