10 Coolest Paracord Survival Bracelets

Featured | Bracelets made of rope braided (paracord) and carabiners with a compass | Coolest Paracord Survival Bracelets

These paracord survival bracelets can get you through different survival situations just in case things don't go as expected.

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Paracord Survival Bracelets: Don't Leave Home Without ‘Em!

Cool Survival Bracelets

Preppers may not be known for their fashion sense, but bracelets can mean the difference between life and death — paracord survival bracelets, that is!

Each bracelet is made with between eight and twenty feet of woven paracord, which can be taken apart and used in various survival situations.

Did we mention you can store essential survival gear in these bracelets? Here are 10 of the coolest survival paracord bracelets for your emergency preparedness.

1. Firekable Paracord Bracelet

In a survival situation, fire is life, and you would be amazed at just how far a little bit of cordage can get you!


This tool will make sure that you can start a fire whenever, wherever you need it.

And it will give you over 80 feet of fully functional cordage.

2. Lumberjack Survival Bracelet

There are paracord survival bracelets capable of cutting down trees!

Check out this video from Wazoo Survival Gear, LLC on how to disassemble the bracelet to use the wire saw hidden inside.

3. Microfish Fishing Pod

Fishing line can be a hassle to maintain, so why not carry only what is essential?


This microfish fishing pod paracord bracelet is perfect for any survival situation.

4. Blaze Bar Quick Deploy Paracord Bracelet

This Blaze Bar quick deploy paracord bracelet deploys in a flash.


The quick-deploy weave used in the bracelet will have the paracord unraveled, in your hands, and ready to go in moments!

5. Paracord Secret Compartments


These paracord knots and paracord bracelet patterns are capable of storing useful survival tools inside the survival bracelet:

Secret Compartment Fob

Indian Corn Crown Sinnet

6. Medical Alert Survival Bracelet

This survival bracelet is perfect for those with a serious medical condition or allergy.


In case you ever need medical attention and you are unable to communicate, it's best if you're wearing a medical alert survival bracelet.

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7. Paracord Watch Bracelet

Why mess with a useless watch band when you can have this paracord watch bracelet!

Or you can learn how to make this military and hunter's paracord watch – the ultimate 15-in-1 survival watch in this video from Alpha One982.

Up your survival game by replacing your band with some incredibly useful paracord!

8. Compass Survival Bracelets

It can be difficult to keep track of a little compass, so why not weave it into your paracord bracelet?

Check out this video from survival bracelet Kits to make your own ultimate survival bracelet with a fire starter bracelet and a compass.

You can also get a ready-made Sahara Sailor 2-pack paracord bracelet with a compass here!

9. Paracord Dog Collar

Store necessary supplies for your pup in this paracord collar.


Have one for your furry companion and one less item with many uses for you to carry.

10. Wearable Survival Kit Paracord Bracelet

This ultimate survival bracelet comes jam-packed with up to 18 survival tools!

Now that you have some new tricks up your sleeve, try hiding some of your key survival tools in one of these paracord bracelets.

Watch this video from Live Free and DIY and learn how to make the best paracord survival bracelet with quick release:

Paracord survival bracelets are the ultimate survival gear hack. They are light, discreet, and multi-purpose.

You can wear a couple or more on your wrists and you can use them for different purposes. It's definitely one trinket/accessory that will always be on-trend.

Well, to a survivalist/prepper/all-around outdoors guy/gal, at least. Take your pick from this roundup of paracord survival bracelets that suit your needs or your taste.

Which of these paracord survival bracelets do you dig for yourself? Tell us why in the comments section below!


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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on March 8, 2016, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

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10 Coolest Paracord Survival Bracelets

  1. Loise says:

    I purchased the Operator Band awhile back which is also a great alternative. I literally never take it off until my wife yells at me when I am in bed. It has paracord, snare wire, fishing line, fishing hook, handcuff key buckle, p-51 can opener and a firestarter. It’s also made by veterans in the USA which is pretty awesome.

    1. Anderson crowley says:

      I was going to say the missed the best one!

  2. Chilli says:

    Still waiting for my fire starter bracelet

    1. Soitgoez says:

      So am I. Good thing 2 months of waiting hasn’t caused a problem. Think I will just ask for refund. Seems they can’t stand by their word

  3. bernadette says:

    hi do you have a paracord bracelet with a saw compass and fire starter on it

    1. Anonymous says:

      Yes ……. that is literally the content of the entire article there are 10 different ones on here .
      Get your shit together. How you going to survive wilderness when you can’t even navigate thru a website ????? Dum ass

      1. D Witz says:

        Not sure if you think you’re being encouraging, anon, but mostly you’re just coming off as a jerk.

        1. Soitgoez says:

          Dude don’t be a jerk all your life. No need to start that Crap. Jeez

  4. Joe Olujic says:

    In most instances wouldn’t it be easier to have these things in your car or somewhere easily accessible? If I need fishing line I have much bigger issues!

  5. Brenda Hulsey says:

    Where does one find the different things to put in the bracelet especially the connectors for each end?

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