Struggling With Beard Balding? | How To Fix A Patchy Beard

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A patchy beard is the bane of every type of beard, but luckily, it's something you can fix.

Patchy Beard Tips | Making The Most Out Of Your Beard


Step 1. Understand the Biology Behind Your Patchy Beard

Understand the Biology Behind Your Patchy Beard | Struggling with Beard Balding? | How to Fix a Patchy Beard

How your beard looks is largely a result of your biology. A number of factors contribute to why you have a patchy beard. For one, you might not have enough beard hormones. To be exact, you might lack the testosterone that allows beards to grow all thick and bushy. You may also experience weak blood flow to the patchier areas. Blood flow encourages more hormones to visit your beard and help it grow out better.

And that's not all. Other factors cause a patchy beard as well. Nutrient deficiency, stress, and age all affect your beard growth. Not having enough vitamins stunts beard growth and may contribute to uneven patches. Stress also causes thinning and hair fall, both from your head and your beard.

These are factors that you have to keep in mind when you have an annoying, uneven beard. Don't lose hope, though: there are plenty of ways to heal thin beard growth. You can still grow the beard you want in no time—with the right care and knowledge, of course. There are ways to handle patchiness and plenty of patchy beard styles that can make an otherwise awkward beard look better.


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