Pistol Caliber Carbine And The PCC Chest Rig Beez Combat Systems

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The PCC chest rig and the pistol caliber carbine are becoming a growing trend in the firearms community nowadays. The pistol caliber carbine or SBR (short barreled rifle) conversion is one example.

What this means is a common handgun caliber, such as a 9mm, .45, or even .40 caliber rounds, can be fired from a converted firearm such as a rifle.

Pistol Caliber Carbine PCC Chest Rig Beez Combat System

Of these, the most common and popular products for this trend is the AR15 to 9mm conversion kit. This allows the AR15 rifle to shoot 9mm rounds after the conversion kit has been installed.

A SBR option, such as the new Micro RONI from CAA Gear Up, allows for common handguns, such as Glocks, to be installed into a chassis. This allows the pistol to be shouldered for increased accuracy.

See the Micro RONI by CAA Gear Up operated with the PCC Pistol Caliber Carbine Chest Rig by Beez Combat Systems here:

There is a wide variety of pistol caliber carbines and conversion kits available. The use of these style firearms has become increasingly popular for two primary reasons.

Why Style Firearms Are Popular

The first reason is affordable ammunition. Conversion kits that are capable of firing common handgun ammunition have risen in sales because handgun ammunition is still priced lower than common rifle ammunition.

Pistol Caliber Carbine And The PCC Chest Rig Beez Combat Systems

The second primary reason is that a new market has dramatically increased firearm purchases of converted AR15s or SBRs.

In this market, the female consumer opts out for a pistol-caliber carbine over a rifle. This is because the recoil is easier to control, and the firearm is more comfortable to shoot and train with.

PCC Chest Rig

In order to satisfy these desires, Beez Combat Systems has released the Pistol Caliber Carbine (PCC) Chest Rig. This product is a complimentary and reliable piece of tactical equipment for SBR and PCC operators.

The PCC Chest Rig is available in various colors and is the lowest-profile chest rig on the market for PCC and SBR platforms.

PCC Chest Rig | Pistol Caliber Carbine And The PCC Chest Rig Beez Combat Systems

Made from 1000 Denier Cordura, the PCC Chest Rig from Beez Combat Systems exceeds MIL-Spec thread and Velcro standards.

As a bonus, it's made in the U.S.. The PCC Chest Rig comfortably and securely carries four high-capacity pistol magazines, such as the Glock 18 OEM 32-round magazine.

PCC Chest Rig | Pistol Caliber Carbine And The PCC Chest Rig Beez Combat Systems

Individual Velcro straps secure each magazine in place and are 2” in width each. Additional MOLLE real estate can be found on the front panel of the PCC chest rig on each side of the magazine pouches.

A Velcro enclosure is also located on the front panel of the PCC chest rig. In addition to all this, there's also an optional pull-forward lat strap design.

If the operator would like to run an additional sidearm, then the CRMB, Chest Rig MOLLE Belt is compatible with the PCC chest rig from Beez Combat Systems. This will give you even more MOLLE real estate for additional gear, equipment, and munitions.

See a full review of the PCC Chest Rig by Beez Combat Systems here:

Versatility and Reliability

As mentioned earlier, the reliability of the PCC chest rig by Beez Combat Systems is top-notch. Constructed from the best materials available in the United States, it's also been field-tested to ensure versatility.

Many chest rigs available on the market for pistol caliber carbines or SBR platforms are made from nylon and are shipped in from overseas.

These are usually designed without the end user’s comfort in mind. These chest rigs typically either tear or the MOLLE webbing is not up to MIL-Spec standards. Plus, these overseas chest rigs are never field-tested.

Versatility and Reliability | Pistol Caliber Carbine And The PCC Chest Rig Beez Combat Systems

The PCC chest rig by Beez Combat Systems was field-tested, reconstructed, and then field-tested again. They did this to ensure the end user would benefit from a well-thought-out piece of tactical equipment.

Many chest rigs capable of carrying high-capacity handgun magazines have a horizontal load design. This forces the operator to reload from an inconvenient direction, which inadvertently increases performance time on the range.

In contrast, The PCC chest rig is designed with a vertical load design. This make allows the operator to smoothly and efficiently reload their magazines with their non-firing hand. As you would expect, this reduces performance time while not sacrificing range technique.

Range Tests and Stress Tests

Range tests were completed simultaneously alongside stress tests on the PCC chest rig by Beez Combat Systems. These tests involved displaying the efficiency of reloading magazines from a vertical platform, as well as completing this action while in motion on the range.

While in motion, the PCC chest rig performs better than other chest rigs. This improvement is because it conforms to the operator’s torso, preventing unnecessary movement from the magazines or any other additional mounted gear.

The 2” Velcro straps that secure each magazine in place are comfortably sized, allowing the operator to pull back the strap and withdraw the magazine without breaking eye contact with their target(s).

Range Tests and Stress Tests | Pistol Caliber Carbine And The PCC Chest Rig Beez Combat Systems

Stress tests on the PCC chest rig included low crawls and advanced shooting positions, like kneeling and prone. During these stress tests, the PCC chest rig by Beez Combat Systems proved to have no tearing or loosening.

The rig maintained also its comfort through rough terrain. The 2” Velcro straps remained secure and in place during low crawls through terrain such as dirt and even gravel.

The MOLLE webbing located on the front panel of the PCC chest rig also maintained durability. This allowed for additional pouches to be mounted confidently because of reinforced stitching techniques by Beez Combat Systems.

See the Pistol Caliber Carbine PCC Chest Rig by Beez Combat Systems endure stress tests here:

Do you have a pistol-caliber carbine and the PCC chest rig or do you plan on purchasing them? Please let us know in the comments section below!

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