3 Reasons Why You Should Own A Pellet Gun

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We talk a lot about owning a real firearm on this site (as if our name wasn’t a clue!). A pellet gun is arguably just as useful depending on your circumstances and your age. In fact, pelicans are a great thing everyone should think about picking up, for a number of reasons.

Why You Should Own a Pellet Gun Now

If you don't own a pellet gun yet, here are some reasons why you should consider having one:

1. Target Practice Without Having to Head to the Range


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For one, having your own pellet gun means you can practice with a different kind of projectile weapon without having to go to a gun range.

That's right. In most cases, and especially if you have enough room on your own property, you can take potshots at various targets and try to work on your marksmanship without going to an official gun range or observing nearly as many safety protocols.

While pellet guns can be dangerous in the right circumstances, they’re drastically less dangerous than a real firearm. At the same time, using them can teach you many of the same marksmanship fundamentals that wielding a regular firearm can.

There’s no denying that the recoil from a pellet gun is much less impactful. Yet, it’s still a great practicing tool. We’d recommend using a pellet gun to teach your kids how to shoot if they’re a little too young to head to a real firing range.

2. It’s Fun to Shoot! Backyard Plinking Is a Blast


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Even without the above benefit, everyone knows that using a pellet gun for backyard plinking is super fun!

Plinking, if you don’t know, is just setting up casual targets like beer cans or other breakable stuff and shooting at it with your pellet gun.

You get the satisfaction of seeing something shatter when your pellet impacts the target correctly, but it’s not very dangerous or loud for the neighbors.

You can set up backyard plinking competitions with yourself and your neighbors or your family and try to outshoot one another.

It really is great fun, and it’s another great way to work on your marksmanship skills while enjoying yourself.

3. You Can Take Care of Pests on Your Property


Perhaps the most important benefit of a pellet gun, though, is how you can use it to take care of pests and varmints on your property.

If you have a significant amount of outdoor space, you might have rats, raccoons, or squirrels that are just out of control.

Furthermore, plenty of our readers have livestock or other animals they might need to protect from predators.

Pellet guns, at least with the right caliber of pellet, are perfect defensive tools for taking out pests. You get enough stopping power and ability to handle pesky animals without using a tool as loud and explosive as a real firearm.

This can be really helpful if you have neighbors close by and don’t want to disturb them. Additionally, it’s a lot safer; if you accidentally shoot someone in the leg with a pellet gun, it’ll hurt, sure, but the leg will be fine.

Using a pellet gun to take care of pests on your property is a great advantage. Because of this factor alone, we’d recommend that everyone with livestock or lots of outdoor space have one just in case.

Pellets Guns Are Fun and Functional

All in all, pelicans provide you with multiple opportunities for fun, practice, and property control. They’re versatile tools in the same way that regular firearms are, but without nearly as much potential for mishaps and without as many regulations.

With all that said, there’s no reason not to pick up a pellet gun yourself and try it out. We think you’ll have so much fun, you’ll make using your pellet gun a regular part of your routine.

What's your opinion about pellet guns? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section!

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3 Reasons Why You Should Own A Pellet Gun

  1. Responsible parenting is preparing your children when potential warfare, civil warfare, may become a reality. The Liberals are all for a civil war and don’t want us to be prepared, and kids can be just as deadly as adults if trained properly. Family defense means that everyone is prepared to defend their home and their family.

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    In my town, it is illegal to shoot with any gun – firearms, bb gun, pellet gun.

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