Personal Protection for When Gun Rights Decrease

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October 4, 2023 / Comments (2)

Firearms press release

Personal protection has become a major issue in American society, thanks in part to the violent firearm crimes that have occurred in recent memory.

Events like Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut, and the Aurora, Colorado, movie theater shooting have increased the conversation about gun rights, gun accessibility, and overall gun control.

Personal Protection for When Gun Rights Decrease

Ultimately, smart preppers need to know that guns aren’t the first and last line of defense, nor are they the only way to hunt for food. There is a huge range of tools and items that can be used as weapons for personal protection, and 21 of them are detailed in our newest special report, “How to Make and Use Primitive Weapons.”

Original survivalists, from the cavemen of prehistoric times to the Viking explorers of more recent history, didn’t have the luxury of waltzing through the aisles of a gun superstore and choosing heavy artillery to fend off enemies or wild animals who wished them harm.

From them, we have learned the importance of effectiveness in some simple and easily constructed weapons. “How to Make and Use Primitive Weapons” advises people on using unlikely things like exercise equipment, rocks, glass, string, and any number of other items that could easily be found in a home or in nature.

The Special Report not only shows how to fashion and create these primitive weapons, but it also trains people how to use them should they need protection.

Disaster preparedness should always involve the safest and most reliable means of self-defense. As much as we would like to think the opposite, a major catastrophe can unfortunately turn neighbors into enemies. Protecting yourself and your loved ones becomes the priority, exactly as it does for every other family affected by a disaster.

Plus, in a post-disaster world, things like guns and ammunition will be at a premium, if they are accessible at all. A knowledge and skill set surrounding primitive weapons will give people a stronger sense of confidence, and a better chance of surviving through anything. created “How to Make and Use Primitive Weapons” to help preppers add yet another category to their completed emergency preparations. To learn more about the report and to access it today, visit

Gun | Personal Protection for When Gun Rights Decrease
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Personal Protection for When Gun Rights Decrease

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