Precision Small Arms "Baby Browning" .25 Caliber Pocket Pistol

baby browning

February 9, 2016 / Comments (2)

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baby browning

Getting to go to the big shows like SHOT and the GAOS is great for checking out all of the new products coming out for that year.

However, that isn't the only good thing about having to walk mile after mile while burning thousands of calories as you get to check out all of the cool things that go BANG.
Sometimes, just seeing the cool stuff that's been around for generations is awesome. What am I talking about here? Check out this miniature .25 caliber semi-auto pistol currently being produced by Precision Small Arms.
Lovingly dubbed the “Baby Browning,” it was originally manufactured in 1931 by FN. The design never changed. In fact, one of its claims to fame is the fact that it is the longest running semi-auto pistol that has never been modified from its original design.
That's quite a feat and proves that it is, in fact, a superb firearm.
This isn't necessarily a self-defense gun by today's standards, but is tiny enough to make a decent backup/pocket gun. After all, some people defend themselves with significantly less-effective rounds (like .22LR) all the time.
Plus, these tiny pocket pistols are absolutely gorgeous. They are available with many options, to include engraving, inlays of gold, and different grips.
They are also super small. I went fishing in my pocket for a coin to compare it to, and came out with this nickel just so you can get a feel for how tiny these little guns are.
baby browning
Usually, I don't have a hard time handling any firearms. Sometimes, they just take a bit to get used to. However, I could see myself having a bit of a problem, if I had to shoot one of these tiny little pocket pistols on a regular basis.
This is going to sound strange, but my hands are so big that I couldn't pull the slide back. I couldn't comfortably get my strong hand on the grip, and my support hand on the slide to maneuver it. My hands were just getting in the way of each other. So, keep that in mind if you've got gorilla mitts like I do.
Over all, the PSA 25 is a beautiful little gun. Though, it might be better served as a conversation piece rather than an actual self-defense weapon. Then again, I wouldn't volunteer to test its effectiveness as a self-defense round, either. Regardless, I'm sure they're proud of the heritage and history surrounding it.
Have you ever seen one of these beauties before? What did you think of it? Let us know in the comments below. Did you follow our coverage of SHOT Show 2016?

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