Are You Ready For The Friday The 13th Massive Solar Flare?

Friday The 13th Solar Flare

Major solar flares from Tuesday morning are wreaking some havoc today, as the effects have finally reached the Earth's surface. According to NOAA, the disruption of communication seen today could be just the beginning of what these flares have in store for us.

One of the flares created a CME, or coronal mass ejection, that will hit tomorrow, which appropriately enough is Friday the 13th.

The video below captured the moment that the solar flare burst from the Sun's surface, sending radiation toward Earth and leaving us to wait for the aftermath of this solar storm.

Solar Flare, 06-11-14

So what does this mean? The CMEs could cause a problem for us here on Earth. This is an x-class 2.2 solar flare. To put it in layman's terms, a huge one.

The good news is that this isn't a direct shot, but rather a side shot, meaning that the flare didn't emerge from the Sun's surface coming straight towards us.


Some are concerned with the radio interference as well as the pressure such a flare will put on the earth. We'll see tomorrow when the CME hits what the effects are. For more about these concerns, check out the video below.

So there you have it. As you're reading this, this blast of radiation is traveling through space and heading our way.

There's not much to do except wait and see what this sunstorm has in store for us. Luckily for the few of us smart enough to be prepared, we're ready for anything. Like us on Facebook and we'll keep you updated as this event progresses!

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4 Responses to :
Are You Ready For The Friday The 13th Massive Solar Flare?

  1. Anthonyk747 says:

    People really outta start doing simple, DIY grounding for your household electronics. Lots of solar activity that may be affecting us has been increasing over the past decade, or maybe we’ve just now started noticing it, but nonetheless, we should be preparing for worst case scenarios!
    Most computers nowadays are grounded really well, but they do still sell cases that are made primarily of plastic, which is not good for grounding. A metal case with rubber feet is the perfect form of grounding. As always, plug into a surge protector for that extra protection. My computer case is the 300R, which came with rubber feet and full-metal case. It’s a full-sized tower that fits MicroATX and ATX sized motherboards.
    You can always buy and/or make your own types of rubber feet variations for any type of electronic device, using hot-glue or super glue to hold them on, but make sure that it’s a metal case, otherwise you’re not grounding it well. DVRs and most electronics made by a company as a means of wholesale distribution aren’t made in a metal case, due to the money cost, with the added rare chance of an EMP or lightning strike happening. So, you’re screwed there!
    Lightning rods help ground the entire household, but make sure to add an extra base of metal throughout the house (if it doesn’t have aluminum in it already), as this could help further protect your house.

  2. lola martin says:

    It is the solar flares, is not Global Warming neither climate change. You idiots better start worshipping the sun instead of Al Gore, Obama and the followers of climate change. The sun will destroy us, no matter what we do.

  3. lola martin says:

    Is not global warming or climate change. It is the sun.. You better start worshipping the sun instead of worshipping Al Gore, Obama and the rest that are using you for their capital gains.

  4. Left Coast Chuck says:

    We use an old fashioned TV antenna on our roof in an area that is in the fringes of open air TV reception. We can always tell when there is solar interference because it interrupts the signal of various stations. Now, as soon as I can figure out the exact direction the TV signal is emanating from, I may be able to get a handle on the intensity of the solar interference. I notice that when channel 9 is flakey, channel 18 will be disrupted also. Don’t know if that has any significance yet or not. They are the channels that are most frequently disrupted but with this week’s solar flares channels 4 and 7 have been having problems and early last evening channel 58 went off the air. Perhaps someone with a lot more knowledge about TV signals can tell me if there is some similarity between sequence of channels i.e., 9 and 18, 4 and 7 is more than just coincidence.
    While it would be interesting to see how a Carrington type event would affect our daily lives, I am not that interested that I would want to see it here in the U.S. Perhaps affecting some country like Iraq or Iran or Pakistan would satisfy my curiosity sufficiently.

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