Maria Mathis & Skinny Medic Talk About Preparedness [PODCAST]

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April 26, 2021 / Comments (0)


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Maria Mathis & Skinny Medic Talk About Preparedness

This week on the Peak Maria Mathis, Director of Sales & Marketing for Quarter Circle 10, joins Ari, Shelley, and Ben with Dietrich “Skinny Medic” Easter, cohost of the Civilian Medical Podcast, to talk preparedness.

They start this week’s podcast talking about 2020, and how the pandemic and the protests have affected the firearms industry – from trying to operate on a skeleton crew to staying late at the shop to make sure everything is safe to the tremendous rush for firearms and medical equipment.

One of the things both the firearms and medical industries are dealing with is simply trying to keep up with demand. With so many new people purchasing firearms and medical equipment there is a lot of pressure across both industries to be able to provide new products, and to encourage people to get the proper training to use the tools they’re purchasing safely. The team emphasizes the importance of medical knowledge, training, and equipment to anyone who is concerned about safety self-defense.

Maria introduces a new product that Quarter Circle 10 is getting ready to release – the Cowboy Lead Roll. The Cowboy Lead Roll is a complete preparedness package – featuring the Quarter Circle 10 Mini Mayhem, a foldable 9mm GSF collapsible pistol, and a Blue Force Gear medical kit packaged in a Milspec Monkey backpack. The idea being a foundation for a daily or emergency carry backpack that can be built off of.

Throughout the podcast, Dietrich discusses the importance of having medical equipment on hand in case of a medical emergency. He recommends carrying an ankle kit so that the supplies are on-hand when needed, cautioning against the valuable time it can take getting to a vehicle when an emergency arises. Another thing Dietrich emphasizes throughout the episode is the importance of training in order to properly use medical equipment, and in order to properly respond in the case of an emergency.

Near the end of the episode, the team gets into what they would grab if they had to be out the door in 30 seconds – from handguns to long guns to the gear they would have if they had to go and go fast.

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