Preparing For Disaster: First Steps

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Some of us are preparing for natural disasters like hurricanes, tornados or floods.  Others are preparing for civilization altering scenarios with long-term effects.  Even if you are only preparing for your own personal doomsday, it's important to get the right start.

If you don’t start with a good plan, prepping can be an overwhelming task. Below, I summarize the most important first steps.  After the overview, the Family Readiness Checklist will make sure you are 100% prepared for anything.

Preparing For Disaster: First Steps

Currency And Bartering

Financial preparedness is the most important prep and should be the first one you address.  It is imperative you reduce your debt as much a possible and have cash on hand in the event of an emergency.  Precious metals and foreign currencies are also a good item to have on hand.


During large-scale scenarios that last months or years you need methods to earn goods or be able to barter.  You can use specialized skills like gunsmithing to trade skills for goods. 

Bartering will allow you to trade what you have a lot of for what you don’t. If you would like to know more about the difference between bartering and currency please click HERE for the basic rundown! 

Water Storage And Purification

Water makes up around 60% of the human body.  Because of that, the average human can only last a few days without water.  That time is a lot shorter in hotter climates. 

Water Purification

There are plenty of ways to store water, but no matter how much you store you will eventually run out.  As an alternative it is important to master purification methods.  You will also need to have areas located that you can collect water near your home.     

Food Storage

On average, humans can last 3 times longer without food than they can water.  Even though you have so much more time, you still need to food plans.  Without proper nourishment, your body will slow down and have adverse reactions.

Preparing Food

There are a million ways you can store food, but like water, no matter how much you save you will run out at some point.  Knowing how to grow food and preserve food will help you prep for longer-term events.  Mastering fishing, hunting, and trapping skills will ensure you never run out of food.

First Aid

In dire situations, the simplest injuries can be a major concern.  All the supplies in the world won’t be of any use to you if you don’t have medicine to fight the common cold. First aid skills are necessary so you can take care of your group when doctors and hospitals don’t exist.

Prepping: First Aid

If you can master first aid skills, you can use these skills as a service to earn needed goods.  Extra medical supplies are also an amazing bartering item that will hold a ton of value.  Store as much first aid supplies as you can.


Do not assume you will always have a roof over your head.  Not having a roof over your head, will reduce the time you can survive in the elements.  The sun, wind, and rain will all make it much more difficult to survive if you do not have shelter.

Preparing Shelter

Learn how to build simple shelters and have the needed items stored.  You also need to learn a few types of shelters you can construct in the wilderness. A pop-up tent is also a great item to keep on hand as a quick shelter remedy.

Self Defense

Water, food, first aid, and shelter are all important, they may not be your biggest threat after the SHTF.  Less prepared people are going to be desperate and stop at no limit to get what they need.  Being able to protect yourself, your preps and your group is critical.

Self Defense Preparing

There are lethal and non-lethal means of self-defense and you need to have tools and skills for both.  Find methods that you are most comfortable with and train them as much as possible.  Not having confidence in your choice will be more dangerous than not having anything. If you would like to read up more on self-defense please click HERE!


If you have decided to start prepping, you are far ahead of most.  Now all you have to do is ACT!  The Family Readiness Checklist below is the best way to start and make sure you are covering all the key items.

Click Here for The Family Readiness Checklist➡️  FPA-Family-Readiness-Checklist-V8

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