[Watch This] Forgotten Outdoor Survival Skills Most Known From Our Great Ancestors

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Technology has impacted our outdoor survival skills greatly but sadly, we rely on these tools much more than our actual skill. It is just as important to maintain our skills in adapting to survival situations as it is with our trusty equipment. Here is an example of a forgotten outdoor survival skill presented to us by Shawn Woods that shows how to catch mice and other rodents the old way.

[Watch This] Forgotten Outdoor Survival Skills Most Known From Our Great Ancestors

The Classic Paiute Deadfall Mouse Trap

When hunting, there's always a limit to how many bullets you carry and of course, we should take into consideration that all the shots will hit the mark. Practically, you're gonna run out of bullets sooner or later in survival situations, you're gonna have to find another source of food. Rats and mice may be small, but it can be a good source of protein and calories that you'll need for all the outdoor activities of the day.

The paiute deadfall trap closely resembles the figure four deadfall but is more effective when hunting smaller game due to the size of its trigger. In addition, unlike the figure four, the paiute trap utilizes a string but has the same number of twigs used and has the same falling weight mechanism. Despite its effectiveness, it still uses primitive tools easily available in outdoor terrains and is very easy to make.

In most survival scenarios, this trap is very reliable and time-efficient so you can use the spare time to make a shelter or look for a source of potable water. It also proves to be effective not only in the jungle but also in abandoned sub-urban terrain. There are a lot of cases where primitive survival skills can be applied and this is one of the main reasons why we should never forget the roots of survival.

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