Stupid People With Guns: The Importance Of Proper Eye Relief

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Don't be the stupid one with a gun and mind proper eye relief when shooting by checking out this video for your lesson of the day!

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In this article:

  1. What Is Eye Relief, Exactly?
  2. How Shooters, Especially Newbies, Get It Wrong
  3. Don't Be the Stupid Guy with a Gun in This Video

Eye Relief Safety, Shooters Must Always Observe

What Is Eye Relief, Exactly?

In shooting, the distance between your eyes and the surface of your firearm's optic eyepiece is what we call the eye relief. This distance is crucial when trying to hit your target because if you hold it too far, your target will become a mere dot in the center.

If your eye relief is too close, on the other hand, the image of your target will become fuzzy or blurry. Thus, it is important to get the right eye relief or distance.

Not only it is important in the matter of hitting the target, but it is also important for your safety. You see, accidents occur with improper eye relief.

If your eye relief is too close, you risk getting a “scope bite,” or an “idiot cut,” and I prefer to call it the latter. It is when the eyepiece of your firearm hit you hard on your eyes from the recoil leaving a laceration.

It can be lasting–a harsh reminder of a shooter's mistake. If you're even more unlucky or stupid, you could end up like our stupid guy with a gun here in our featured video.

How Shooters, Especially Newbies, Get It Wrong

woman holding a rifle the wrong way | Stupid People With Guns: The Importance Of Proper Eye Relief | eye relief | rifle scope eye relief extender

Have you ever seen a long gun kick so hard where the gun actually hurts the shooter? A prime example of what I'm talking about is when the rifle scope smacks the shooter in the face, causing injury.

There is a number of reasons why your rifle scope may want to reach out and give your eyeball a kiss, with the most popular reasons being:

  1. No clue how to hold a rifle.
  2. No clue what proper eye relief is.

Either way, the resounding point is some people just have no clue what they're doing. And ever so often, both of those reasons above are a combination which will make a failure of epic proportions.

Now, what do we do? Eye relief calculation can be tricky. But we have tools and accessories for this and it's best to get these tools.

Most scopes don't have built-in eye relief so you need to learn how to adjust. A rifle scope eye relief extender comes with a price, as any good commodity does.

You just have to either learn to adjust or invest in safety gears. Again, either way, safety should always be your top priority.

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Don't Be the Stupid Guy with a Gun in This Video

This poor, but truthfully, stupid guy, in the video below didn't have the rifle properly seated into his shoulder pocket. His optic could be a little too close to his face also.

Of course, I wasn't looking through the scope, so It's hard to tell for sure. But, based on the fact he had the gun sitting in the wrong spot shows he hasn't the slightest idea what he's doing.

So, what's the point? First, make sure the butt of the firearm is resting firmly in your shoulder pocket instead of your bicep.

If your arm takes the brunt of the recoil, it will move and allow the gun to move, as well. If it does move, and the scope is too close to your face, you're gonna get hit with it.

When your gun is planted firmly into your shoulder, the energy will move through your body not allowing the gun to move as much.

Here's the video from Fails World Media. Watch and learn his lesson:

A seemingly minor overlooked detail in shooting mechanics isn't only stupid, it's extremely dangerous. For shooters, it is the eyes which need the utmost protection if you want to be able to shoot as long as you can.

You can avoid getting the “idiot cut” or damaging your eyes altogether when you always take heed of the proper eye relief when shooting.

Sound off, gun carriers! Am I correct in my assessment of what the shooter did wrong? Let us know in the comments below.

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