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hearing protection act

October 23, 2015 / Comments (1)

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Plenty of firearms enthusiasts have argued their frustration towards the current draconian NFA regulations that were put in place back in the 1930s. One such law regulates the use of sound muffling devices on a firearm, like a sound suppressor, to do exactly what it is supposed to do—protect the shooter's hearing. The regulation says that they are supposed to be registered under the national firearms act as a title two device requiring a tax stamp.


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However, if one politician from Arizona has his way, all of that will change under what is being called the Hearing Protection Act of 2015.
Because, let's face it, suppressors aren't generally used to commit crimes. They are a tool used to help preserve the shooter's hearing. After all, we are only given one set of ears. And, after our hearing is damaged it isn't easy to get it back to the way it was.
The bill, which has a lengthy uphill struggle ahead of it, currently has the support of 10 co-sponsors. It would allow anyone looking to purchase a suppressor to fill out ATF form 4473, which is the same form needed to purchase a firearm, instead of going through the lengthy (not to mention expensive) process of getting a tax stamp.
This proposal is the result of the collective work of the American Suppressor Association and the NRA coming alongside politicians to make some real “common sense gun laws.” This is definitely a step in the right direction, but the bill is sure to have some heavy opposition.
However, the lawmakers aren't entering the battle with a blindfold on. As was reported, the lawmakers believe this may be the first step in a lengthy battle to make sound suppressors easier for the average firearm enthusiast to acquire. The end result would be preserved hearing for many shooters.
We look forward to seeing the results, for sure.

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