PSA Dagger 9 Gun Review

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Shooters praise the Glock 19 for its versatility and functionality, but not everyone can afford the steep price tag. If you want an affordable yet equally reliable alternative, try the PSA dagger. See how it stacks against other 9mm caliber pistols!

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PSA Dagger 9mm Review | Is It a Good Glock 19 Clone?

The PSA Dagger entered the market in mid-2021. It was a highly anticipated Glock 19 clone, and several users had high hopes for the handgun. But is it worth the hype?


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To give you an idea of how this 9mm caliber pistol feels, it has a barrel length of 4 inches, 15+1 round capacity, 5.5 lb. pull trigger weight, and weighs 22.4 oz. unloaded. Any seasoned shooter can tell at a glance that it closely resembles the Glock 19.

Apart from looking like a Glock, it also functions like one. Shooters can use several Gen 3 Glock parts interchangeably with the PSA Dagger, from the magazine down to the sights.

Perhaps the only significant difference to take note of is its trigger. It uses a flat-faced trigger similar to what you would see on Smith & Wesson M&P pistols instead of the conventional blade-safety options on Glocks.


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The PSA Dagger trumps the Glock 19 when it comes to price value and affordability. In fact, PSA specifically developed the Dagger as an inexpensive alternative to the pricey Glock 19.

This widely used gun receives praise from shooters all across the globe, but owning one would set you back by nearly $700. Meanwhile, PSA Daggers cost less than half that amount: $300.

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Reliability and Functionality

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The PSA Dagger does not share the same smooth, butter-like components of a Glock, but it still scores well in reliability. It loads, feeds, fires, and ejects in a clean, crisp manner. You'll blow through several 15-round magazines without a hitch.

Its flat-faced trigger breaks well and has a shallow reset feature that allows you to fire quickly between rounds. However, the rugged uptake might disappoint some users.

PSA Dagger Vs. Glock 19: The Bottom Line

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Admittedly, we expected the PSA Dagger to perform below par. However, it shoots and aims surprisingly well, especially for a $300 pistol from PSA. It even fires a few hundred rounds without malfunctioning.

Plus, the Dagger has a quality grip. Even first-time shooters with small hands can firmly grasp the entire gun and safely manage each shot's recoil.

Overall, the ergonomic handle, low price point, and solid reliability make the PSA Dagger a good practice gun or concealed carry weapon. Add this to your collection so you don't break the bank every time you go target shooting.

Perhaps the only thing PSA could work on is accuracy. Since the Dagger takes after the Glock 19, it also shares similar quirks—particularly the faulty sights. Although, you can address this issue since the PSA Dagger is optics-ready.

Check out this video by sootch00 where they take the PSA dagger to the field for a few rounds: 

The PSA Dagger proves that shooters should never judge pistols based on price alone. Snobs who automatically disregard lesser expensive brands will miss out on several good deals. Remember: price plays a negligible criterion when handgun shopping.

Also, feel free to explore your firearm options. No two shooters share the exact shooting needs, so blind-buying pistols and handguns based purely on recommendations might do more harm than good. You need a weapon that addresses your needs and preferences.

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What do you think of the PSA dagger? Share your thoughts about this inexpensive, compact 9mm pistol with us!

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PSA Dagger 9 Gun Review

  1. David Schwarz says:

    My gun card has expired and I can’t get on line to renew. What do I do? Ca
    N I down load a form to fill out to send out. I just ant to get back to the range.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Where is this available?

  3. Larry Flick says:

    I carried a duty Glock 19 & 23 for 10+ years. Now retired I recently purchased a 9mm Dagger that I found for $189 at a PSA flash sale..couldn’t pass it up. The pistol has all the good & bad of the gen 3 Glock with a much improved Polly lower. I like the gun and will try to rid it of the much maligned 1st shot take up while adding a Ghost 3.5lb trigger.
    Buy one, you won’t be disappointed!

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