Extended Quarantine Protests And Economic Closures Spark National Debate: Liberty Or Safety?

Protests over Extended Quarantines and Economic Closures Spark National Debate: Liberty or Safety?

With the quarantine protests happening in different states, what are we to make of this? Is this affecting the health safety of Americans or is it an exercise of democracy? Let's talk more about this below.

Are Quarantine Protests Right?

Americans are angry. They’re angry that their jobs and their freedoms have been taken from them.

They’re angry that their government is forbidding them from making a living, forbidding them from seeing their families, and forbidding them from attending funerals, weddings, and masses.

As the United States’ economy stalls and bottoms out due to coronavirus, people across the country are beginning to protest.

With governors in charge of re-openings, anger is being directed towards state capitols. Capitol buildings in Colorado, Idaho, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Utah, Washington State, and Wisconsin have all witnessed protests over the last two weeks.

The protest in Michigan drew great national interest. This is because the “Operation Gridlock” protest escalated to men visibly armed with rifles and handguns standing on the steps of the state capitol building.

If governors were banking on the willingness of law-abiding citizens to roll over and let go of everything they’ve worked for in exchange for unemployment money, they bet on the wrong people.

As Benjamin Franklin once said, “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”

Unfortunately, the biased national news outlets would have you believe that these protestors are radicals that do not represent a good portion of the population.

The Media’s Reaction

A quick Google search about the protests surrounding quarantine returns dozens of opinion-based articles admonishing protestors for breaking social distancing guidelines.

The citizens arriving armed are being touted as extremists.

More sinister accusations that the protests are being organized and funded by “right-wing pro-gun activists” seeking to influence the election in November are being reported by major publications.

A look at 2016’s election map would suggest that most of the country falls into the “right-wing pro-gun” category.

The Coronavirus Conundrum

COVID-19 is being reported as causing 42,000 deaths in the United States thus far.

While some states are seeing declines in their number of cases and beginning to reopen their economies, several states are not even reaching a plateau yet.

Elected officials are weighing their options on letting people go back to work, and possibly opening the gates to a resurgence in cases.

The novel coronavirus is not nearly as deadly as the flu but is feared for how contagious it is purported to be.

With reports of the virus easily infecting entire families, leading to the deaths of those that are elderly or immune-compromised, the United States quickly closed many sectors of its economy.

The country has never responded to a virus in this manner.

But as closures extend past one month, with some states threatening to extend until 2021 or a vaccine is created, a question must be asked. Can the economy reopen allowing Americans to get back to work but still comply with social distancing or best health practices?

Americans have fought for our liberties for centuries against a myriad of threats. Now is the time to stay vigilant, as threats to our way of life come from within our borders.

Extending economic closures and increasing reliance on government income redistribution can be as detrimental to our country as a terrorist or foreign attack.

As we collectively struggle to stay afloat, the lower and middle classes are feeling desperation. It is more important than ever to arm yourselves. Be prepared to fight on behalf of our economy and our way of life.

What is your opinion about the quarantine protests? We'd love to hear from you in the comments section below!

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