Four Questions Every American SHOULD Be Able To Answer

Four Questions Every American SHOULD Be Able To Answer

As an American, you should be able to answer these four questions with ease:

  1. When and where was the American Revolution won? The answer, direct from a founder, will surprise you…

  2. Where did the Revolutionary War break out? Not one in a thousand Americans knows this.

  3. Who fired the first shots on Lexington Common? Historians may not know, but we'll be glad to supply at least circumstantial proof.

  4. Why did the Redcoats break and run at the North Bridge? When faced with rude country colonials…

In 2009, a survey of basic, adult knowledge of the American Revolution was commissioned by the American Revolution Center (a non-profit organization dedicated to engaging the public in the history and significance of the American Revolution).

The results were startling. Eighty-three percent of surveyed adults scored an average of forty-four percent – a failing score.

That is unacceptable, and it is something that Project Appleseed is seeking to fix!

While at the NRA 2013 Convention, I managed to sit down with Joshua and Michael “Scout” Adams from Project Appleseed and grab a quick interview.

I have been running into them at just about every survival expo that I have been to in the last couple of years, and I was ecstatic to finally get an interview with them.

If you are unfamiliar with Project Appleseed, please take a moment and listen to my interview with them and learn what this organization is teaching our country:

On April 19th, 1775, the British farmers, shopkeepers, lawyers, doctors, and craftsmen then living in the Colonies chose to face one of the world's most feared and best equipped Army in a dispute over their rights and privileges as Englishmen.

We can not forget WHY we chose our own path instead of having one of servitude laid out before us and we CAN NOT allow this knowledge to vacate the minds of our children.

Doing so will leave them vulnerable to the same tyranny that our forefathers fought and died to protect us from.

What is Project Appleseed?

Appleseed is a program that instructs Americans on the traditional rifle marksmanship skills that have been passed down from generation to generation, along with reconnecting today's Americans with the people and events of the Founding Era.

Participants are taught fundamental rifle marksmanship skills that allow a rifle to be accurate out to 500 yards, with iron sights, standard rifles, and surplus ammo.

This is the traditional ‘Rifleman's Quarter mile', which is a uniquely American Rifleman skill, that has been part of this nation from the very first days.

What's your real agenda?

We seek to do three things: teach marksmanship and respect for the tradition of such, and to preserve the knowledge of our Revolutionary War history.

That's all we're about, plain and simple. We believe that if we teach it, it'll wake our fellow Americans…and an awake America is an America that cannot be defeated. We want freedom to ring strong. We want Lady Liberty to be safe.

Is that all it's about? Learning to shoot?

No, and as a matter of fact, marksmanship is not the primary goal of Project Appleseed. We have a strong belief that many Americans today have forgotten the tremendous gift our Founding Fathers left us.

Too many of our neighbors, friends, family, and coworkers are inclined to sit on the couch and do nothing – they don't even vote, let alone keep tabs on their elected officials!

To us, the nation is like a ship in danger of sinking – sinking into a dark sea of civic irresponsibility. By reminding our fellow citizens of the great sacrifice of our forebears and what they left for Posterity, we hope to reawaken the sleeping American and encourage him or her to be more civic-minded.

We'll also teach you to shoot a rifle, like your forebears. But more than that, the veterans of the Revolutionary War want you to understand the necessity of getting others to an Appleseed and helping to bail on this sinking ship.

And we want you to do it stimulated, encouraged, and inspired by your attendance at one of our shoots. Because Appleseed means Hope – not only for America but for YOU.

Project Appleseed is a nonprofit organization and if this is something that you choose to support, feel free to show it by leaving a small donation by clicking here:

If you listen to the interview you will notice that “Scout” made an offer to all of the survival life members.

Let me know in the comments below if you would like to take him up on it.

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on May 23, 2013, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

13 Responses to :
Four Questions Every American SHOULD Be Able To Answer

  1. Bill says:

    where do we find the answers to the four questions listed in this article?

    1. Rick says:

      Try starting out with a review of American History and not the crap taught in schools today. If you rely on any book for accurate American History published after 1960 you will get the liberal democrat version not the real story.

      1. Bill says:

        I too would like to know what they claim the answers are.
        I do not care enough to review history.
        There is a local story that the first Lexington shot was from an upstairs window in a pub on the green after the farmers spent hours there waiting for the British.

        1. Mike says:

          Apathy and laziness is why we are losing our liberty for which those colonists made great sacrifices. If you don’t care enough to review history, then you’re part of the problem.
          First answer: “The Revolution was effected before the War commenced. The Revolution was in the minds and hearts of the people; a change in their religious sentiments of their duties and obligations. This radical change in the principles, opinions, sentiments, and affections of the people, was the real American Revolution.” –John Adams, 1818

          For those that DO care about where we come from, and care about the blood that was spilled to preserve the liberties we enjoy today, read “Paul Revere’s Ride” by David Hackett Fischer. Better yet, attend an RWVA Project Appleseed marksmanship clinic.

          1. nancy says:

            Thanks, for those that reply. That’s so sad when an American says they don’t care enough to look. Yikes! I admit I don’t know much about our American history, but I do care about it!! And, I’m at least trying to learn!!!

            Basically what the above person is saying when they say they don’t care enough…is that they don’t care enough about the Americans who have died so we can live in the greatest country on earth. I hope you weren’t serious. Wait until you have a loved one go overseas- to defend the principles of American freedom and liberty-and they never come back.

            The world we live in is a very big place. You need to spend some time in another country that does not have the luxuries we take for granted. Not going online, but actually travelling to another country. When you sit in a McDonald’s and there are pre-teens sitting at a table next to you with machine guns hanging off them, maybe you’d appreciate where you live, and start to care a little bit.

            I don’t mean to jump on you, for that I apologize, but as a younger person myself who has lost a brother, uncles, and many friends to various wars, it hurts to hear the flip attitudes of some. We have no clue how lucky we have it as Americans.

            Please take an hour or two to educate yourself. PLEASE!

        2. Chris says:

          If you don’t care enough to review history don’t give your opinion. I grow tired of people who forget their past and then pretent to support it. I don’t follow the liberal or conservative crap, because both of their versions of history are just that……….their versions. History is much more neutral that either side would like everyone else to believe.

    2. kami says:

      Attend a Project Appleseed event and you will get the answers!

  2. JJM says:

    Although Scopes, Red Dots, etc are convenient, iron sights continue to work without batteries and don’t fog up or crack.
    I have been planning to take my sons to a 2 day program for a while now but am reluctant to pay exorbitant prices for 22 ammo, if I can even find it.

  3. billymac says:

    last major battle, yorktown.. cocord…. no really knowen. surpized by reaction, not exspecting a heavy fight.

  4. Deborah Holter says:

    Project Appleseed is phenomenal. Their rock solid shooting foundation has me shooting the Rifleman’s Quarter Mile and their stories and legends from the Revolutionary War really bring history alive. I am awake now fellow Americans!

  5. rafael says:

    The Law states : you can`t go to another country without permission; it is the law of the land and also an International law.
    The law states ; you have to have plenty of funds with you so not to be a burden to the Gov.
    The law states : you have to have a clean criminal record from country of origin.

    I’m channeling my inner immigrant: You CAN~T GO to another country without permission , it is the Law and it is an international Law too; so start here : DEPORT them now and stop immigration completely ; you are importing 150.000 ( one hundred fifty thousand ) foreigners every month ( to run a 7-11 store or a motel ) and you don`t know who is coming here ( Look at the Boston Massacre and September 11). I came to the U.S. LEGALLY in 1970 to be a Free man in a Free Nation ; the quota at that time was 150.000 immigrants per one year; you had to have a clean record and plenty of funds not to be a burden to the Government.
    After receiving a green card and S.S.# an agent told me : now you can go to work, purchase a house a car open a bank account BUT you can`t vote until you become a Citizen with Knowledge and UNDERSTANDING of the English Language ( speak read write ) and the Laws of this Nation . Today anyone can come here; just JUMP the fence or OVERSTAY your visa or ASYLUM and nothing will be said ; in fact D.H.S. will tell ILLEGALS how to collect Food Stamps and Benefits and I.R.S will give them an Illegal S.S.# and FREE MEDICALS and EDUCATION and on and on and THEY CAN VOTE TOO ; all paid by American Tax payers .
    The PRICE of this on going amnesty ???? Something like 6 Trillion American Tax payers funds . What a Joke and Disgrace to this Nation . After 43 years in America , being a Naturalized Citizen since 1976 , having Served and Retired from the U.S.Army ,being cut up to pieces , I feel like I am back to my origins : a dog with his tail between his legs , don`t look up don`t speak , do what I tell you don`t do what I do. FREEDOM IS NOT FREE

  6. Samuel Roberts says:

    We talk about the schools and there misinformation. WE are here to help each other learn? I think asking for the answers to the question is a fair request. People can learn a lot from this and other web sites like this one, keep asking questions when you stop asking- start worry.

  7. USMC says:

    Cant be taught in two days, I have tried. Most need at least two week or even years.

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