7 Rail Accidents Survival Tips

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Rail accidents are just one of the transportation disasters that occur every year. If train travel is your main mode of transportation…you'll want to pay attention to the 7 rail accident survival tips. They could just save your life

How To Survive When Rail Accidents Happen

The different kinds of rail accidents are derailments, collisions, and accidents in level crossings. Oftentimes, we tend to be relaxed as we take a train ride on a regular basis. But shouldn’t you even think about how you can survive a train accident all the more? It’s common sense if you ask me.

The more you take a train ride, the higher the chances of finding yourself in a train accident. Well, you’re in luck because here are a few tips that might help you survive such a catastrophe.

1. Know Which Car To Sit In

Know Which Car To Sit In | 7 Rail Accidents Survival Tips

Regular safety regulations' advise sitting in the middle is best should there be a head on or tail end collision. However, the Federal Railroad Administration indicates a train is more likely to derail than to crash into another train. This is why, based on studies, the safest seat should be at least one car back from the center car.

2. Know Which Seat Is The Safest

After choosing the car, the seat located on the aisle, facing the rear, nearest the front is the safest. This prevents you from being flung forward in case of a direct head-on collision. At the same time, you are farthest from a side collision, which has a 95% chance to occur than head-on collisions and 40% higher than rear-end collisions.

3. Pay Attention To Announcements

Pay Attention To Announcements | 7 Rail Accidents Survival Tips

The train conductor is best trained for situations should a rail accident occur. If he’s still alive, that is! Follow his or her instructions to the letter over the PA.

4. Make Use Of Emergency Alarms

Make Use Of Emergency Alarms | 7 Rail Accidents Survival Tips

Every cab has emergency stops or intercoms made available for passengers in order to alert the train driver. Should an accident occur without the train driver knowing, then this will certainly be useful.

5. Avoid Hanging Around The Café Car

Of course, you can enjoy the food and all! What I’m saying is to refrain from staying in there too long. Buy what you want or need, then leave. The appliances can become flying debris, while the fixed tables can cause severe or fatal injuries should the locomotive brake suddenly or crash.

6. Jumping Off A Train

Jump off the train if the circumstances call for it. As much as possible, do this at the end of the last car. The slower the train, the better it is for you. Place blankets or extra clothing under your clothes and head to absorb the fall.

Pick a landing spot free from rocks, trees, and bushes. Avoid landing on your feet and jump perpendicular to the train to keep you from rolling towards the tracks. Don’t forget to cover your head with your arms, keeping your body straight.

7. Head For The Nearest Exit

If the train comes to a halt, make use of emergency windows or emergency lever to open the doors. Windows have a rubber ring colored red which you need to pull then lift the window. Doors have a panel where you need to lift the lock before you can pull the ring open before pushing down the red handle.

Watch this survival video on how to survive a plane or train crash posted by ABC News:

Another key pointer is to familiarize and orient yourself with the emergency signs. These signs are placed in different areas of the train. Put also in mind, hoping for the best and expecting the worst is not paranoia. It’s being prepared for what might happen and when it does, you're mentally prepared for it.

Safety experts would tell you to think about this before you get on a train so you would already know what to do. Of course, knowing a few survival skills for various types of disasters and bringing survival gears with you at all times will definitely come as an advantage.

7 Rail Accidents Survival Tips

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