How To Pack Your Range Bag: 19 Essentials To Pack

Feature | How to Pack Your Range Bag: Essentials to Pack

How complete is your range bag? It can be frustrating to head out to the range only to find one you missed something essential at home. Today, make a checklist of these range bag essentials you must always have.

Range Bag Essentials Checklist

When you start visiting gun ranges on a regular basis, you’ll want to have a dedicated range bag designed to hold all of the gear you’ll be bringing with you.

Range bags need to be sturdy, and ideally have a padded compartment that allows separation of your pistols from other supplies.

Once you purchase your range bag, it’s a good idea to keep it stocked with the essentials, so that you never find yourself unprepared. If you’re an experienced shooter, you know that there are quite a few supplies you’ll want to have on hand.

This is especially true if you visit both outdoor and indoor ranges and shoot when it’s very warm or very cold out.

Choosing Your Range Bag


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You can find range bags in a variety of styles and sizes, or you can repurpose a laptop bag or backpack. Whichever route you go, make sure it has plenty of pockets.

Stay away from inexpensive materials that will rip after carrying heavy items repeatedly. The interior of the bag should also have enough room for everything you want to bring with you.

Don’t leave something home due to lack of space.

Range Bag Essentials


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Now that you’ve chosen your range bag, it’s time to pack it. You don’t want to find yourself without these items:

  1. Emergency Personal Injury Kit – you have no idea the skill level of those attending the same range as you
  2. Rapid Application Tourniquet – when operating firearms, be ready to deal with traumatic injuries
  3. Ear Protection – if you use electronic headphones, don’t forget extra batteries. Bringing a second set of headphones or earplugs is a great idea in case someone forgets theirs
  4. Eye Protection – if you shoot both indoors and outdoors, clear and sunglass varieties should both be in your bag
  5. Notebook & Pen – to record your progress, drills, and rounds fired
  6. Cleaning Rod – a .22-caliber cleaning rod will fit all bore sizes and can be used to clear out stuck cases and squib rounds
  7. Staple Gun – extra staples, too, for attaching targets
  8. Screwdriver Set for Guns
  9. Screwdriver Set for Scope Rings and Mounts
  10. Multi-tool
  11. Cloth – for wiping down your weapons after using them
  12. Gun Oil – for use with the cloth
  13. Sharpies – for marking on targets
  14. Empty Chamber Indicators – your range may require them
  15. Extra Magazines – for all of your pistols
  16. Shot Timers
  17. Gloves – if you’ll be outside in the cold
  18. Bug Spray – if you’re outside in the summer
  19. Stopwatch & Whistle – if you run matches

Once you get your range bag packed, try to avoid taking things out at home. The last thing you want to do is show up to the range without something you’ll need.

Shooting without eye or ear protection, or without a first aid kit on hand is extremely irresponsible. Some of these tools may sound like overkill, but you’ll be happy to have them when you need them.

What other items do you think are must-haves in your range bag? Let us know in the comments section!

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