Rape Victim Shoots Attacker In The Face

October 12, 2015 / Comments (4)

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Unfortunately, for the perpetrator of this crime, he underestimated his victim. Fortunately for the victim, she knew how to handle a gun. Check out the video below:
44 year old Duane Portman was shot by the victim in the face after wrestling the gun away from him during the act of rape. Let that be a lesson to would be rapists: If you attack someone, there’s a chance you may get your face blown off and you’ll deserve it! Tell us what you think about this woman taking action!

4 Responses to :
Rape Victim Shoots Attacker In The Face

  1. Jim says:

    GOOD! She should have shot him in the groin immediately after shooting him in the face. He is going to have a very hard time in prison. Naturally this young lady needs to be given an award and not face any prosecution either criminally or civilly.

    1. Evelyn Logan says:

      Since she survived the attack, she did exactly the right thing. Shooting him in the face will make him identifiable in the future, and in fact might make him think twice about ever committing another crime. Yes, he is going to have a hard time in prison, deservedly so. Good for her!

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