Everything Guns Episode 9 | Real Guns from the Movies

September 8, 2015 / Comments (6)

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Everything Guns Episode 9: Real Guns from the Movies (Rambo, Expendables, Predator, Fast & Furious, Django & More!)

Ever wanted to see your favorite guns from the movies up close and personal?
Check out this week's episode of “Everything Guns!”
Amy Jane is taking you back into ISS, one of the biggest Hollywood  prop stores to see guns used in the movies . Real guns from  Rambo, The Expendables,The Fast & Furious, Django, The Punisher, Jack Bauer's gun from 24, and even more!   We went there before to check out the guns from American Sniper. If you missed it, check out episode #2. That was  good episode, BUT this one is great!
Learn about some of Hollywood's coolest guns in the video below!

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Everything Guns Episode 9 | Real Guns from the Movies

  1. oaking says:

    Stuck with Amy? I don’t think so!

    1. guncarrier says:

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