Regarding Massachusetts: What About 80% Lowers…And Stuff?

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November 12, 2018 / Comments (5)

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Whatever you do, don't buy all of the 80% lowers you can and every single part you need to complete. These things have not reached the manufacturing quality required of a firearm. You can't consider them assault rifles yet, so technically, it's not something you can ban. As gun owners, you can't risk the potential issues it might give you.

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Why You Need to Stop Buying 80% Lower


Barely a Firearm

checking a firearm's parts | Regarding Massachusetts: What About 80% Lowers...And Stuff? | 80%
As you well know, New England looks more like the European country for which it was named than it does America. The once great state of Massachusetts just confirmed, yet again, what we all know to be true. The left hates guns, and they're willing to do whatever they can to make sure you can't have one.

We can't have any hurt feelings as gun enthusiasts, so make sure you comply even though the nature of the Massachusetts “assault weapons” ban is un-Constitutional.

Remember, an 80% lower, according to the ATF, is a hunk of metal or plastic if you go that route. The upper assembly and 80% lower receiver, which is ridiculously cheap on the good old internet, are not guns per se. They're simply just some loose parts and purchasing them will likely become a problem in the future.

Any “assault rifle” you buy after July 20, 2016, is banned even though they cannot prove the purchase date. Anyone looking to build one is just a “hobbyist.”


Purchase the Right Gun Parts

Gun Parts | Regarding Massachusetts: What About 80% Lowers...And Stuff? | 80% lower jig
Again, whatever you do, don't buy five or six 80% lower jig. Assemble them with the right parts. Put them in a watertight PVC tube and dig holes in your yard to hide them for the impending apocalypse.

As a bit of a side note, when you decide not to build any and stick them into the ground, make sure you also don't put any moisture absorbers to keep them dry.

Never buy an assembled upper assembly from Palmetto State Armory, like the one I bought. This rifle build may disappoint you for under $650, depending upon the parts you decide not to use. After all, I made the below pictured “assault rifle” and look how gorgeous this baby is.

Seriously though, that mean old “assault rifle” is deadly accurate after it wasn't sighted in at 100 yards the other day.

Also, when you finally come to your senses and decide you don't want to buy one or five 80% lowers, make sure it is not paid for with an untraceable payment type. We want the New Englanders to be able to find out who bought what from where so they'll know the purchase date.

It's a good idea if your neighbors know what you are getting in the mail. Make sure the company does not remove their logo and labels from the box. Can't be too safe these days, what with all of these “assault rifles” running around and “assaulting” stuff.

Check out this guide on 80% lower receivers from TheGunCollective:

We all want our guns to work well all the time and serve its purpose. When the situation calls for it, your firearm's condition will make a very big difference. What good is a sharpshooter when his gun fails him in a gunfight? Take your gun parts seriously, and never settle for poor quality.

Is the article convincing enough for you not to buy 80% lowers? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on July 21, 2016, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

5 Responses to :
Regarding Massachusetts: What About 80% Lowers…And Stuff?

  1. Robert says:

    What kind of pizza? Meat lovers from Pizza Hut ! OK now to the guns…. I am SO TIRED of trying not to hurt the feelings, scare them, offend them…. Let’s just do it as much as we can LEGALLY. If you can open carry, do it. Go to your Local Walmart, or Kroger’s, and have at it. These Liberal pu$$ies can stomp their feet and scream all they want. Just laugh at them and tell them the unicorns and world peace is just around the corner.

  2. John says:

    So is this legal in Massachusetts? How do I find out?

  3. RJ Rodrigue says:

    what about the Glock 80%? are these restricted in states like CT & MA? What happens after you build one? Does it also become a felony? Great article

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