Remembering A Legend Pistol Instructor: Todd Green

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One day this past November I received a call from a local law enforcement agency asking for my assistance in administering the New Mexico DPS pistol qualifications. The request was rather short notice (not unusual) and I initially tried to decline. The chief was persistent however, advising it was only for one individual and that he could send the “Reserve Candidate” to my location. I relented.

Todd Green dies

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The time we agreed upon was later that afternoon, at about 4pm. Two men arrived at my local range. One I knew well, having worked with him in the past. Pulling this officer aside, I informed him that we would not have the normal time for fundamental training on such short notice. He just smiled and said, “run him through”. The other man introduced himself to me as Todd Green. At the time his name did not ring a bell with me and I would not realize until later that evening that I had used this gentleman’s pistol drills or variations thereof for years, both as a student and as an instructor.
As I ran through the customary safety protocols and an overview of the required standards for the NMDPS LE day and dim-light qualifications, Mr. Green was completely attentive. We did not have the usual time to review basic skills. The courses require kneeling and prone positions at certain intervals, and I was somewhat skeptical that our “new shooter” was up to the task. I had noticed Mr. Green appeared to have limited arm mobility, a potentially critical asset in defensive pistol shooting. Asking Mr. Green if he could put himself into the required shooting positions, he assured me that he could.
I then proceeded to administer the day and dim-light police qualifications back to back. The sun was just setting when we finished the day course. A short while later the light of day was gone, and we commenced the dim-light course of fire. Todd Green passed both courses with flying colors on the first run.
I’m sure for many reading this article, the above story comes as no surprise. Todd Green, of course, was a renowned instructor and the owner/operator of the well-known resource site,—facts I wasn’t aware of until well after our range time that November day. The short time I had the pleasure of being with Todd, he had been nothing but attentive and appreciative of my time and occasional shooting pointers.
I also did not know during my time with Todd, that he was in the fight of his life, battling cancer. Just this past week Todd Green lost that battle. Although I did not know Todd well enough to say he was a friend, and never had the chance to receive instruction from him, I do know that he was a humble and sincere student of the art. And that is a legacy any shooter should aspire to.
Have you ever met this man? Or, has he had a positive impact on your shooting? Let us know in the comments below.

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