Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham Defends AR-15 Ownership

Senator Graham Gun Rights USA

On Sunday, GOP Sen. Lindsey Graham has defended the rights of Americans to bear arms. This comes after Democrats have restarted a push for gun control measures. Graham said that gangs would avoid his house because he owns an AR-15.

After a tragic mass shooting that happened in Boulder, Colorado last week, members of the Democratic party, including President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, have renewed the push for gun control legislation. They are specifically targeting firearms that are so-called “assault weapons.”

On Sunday, Graham spoke to Fox News host Chris Wallace. During the interview, the former dared Majority Leader Chuck Schumer to bring the said proposal to the Senate floor. Graham believed that even if Schumer does so, he was sure that it would fail.

Graham also mentioned that he owned an AR-15. He claims that if a disaster happened in his state and the police can't protect the area, his house “will be the last one” gangs can go to since he has a weapon to defend himself with.

However, Graham’s critics failed to recognize that, similar to many gun owners, he has guns to stop violence and not commit it. His remarks specifically said that criminals would not target his house since he has a weapon that he can use for self-defense.

Apart from this, Graham said that he is willing to face the real issues that factor in the most in mass shootings.

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19 Responses to :
Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham Defends AR-15 Ownership

  1. stevens nasta says:

    lindsay is that your boyfriend?

  2. David says:

    Nothing but a fun little varmint rifle anyway! Designed to injure not kill. With all of the domestic terrorists, muslim terrorists, burn loot and murder, aunt queefa, the politicians should be telling everyone to get one.

  3. MELVIN HURT says:

    I couldn’t agree more with Mr Graham, I also own an AR for the same reasons

  4. Donald says:

    The Democrats have no intent to stop crime. They only want less guns so they can watch over their flock of sheep which is all they think we are.

  5. Michael Bluemke says:

    God bless Lindsey Graham, standing up for our 2nd amendment rights!!! He’s the type politicians we NEED IN THE WHITE HOUSE. biden MUST go!!!

  6. William Braun says:

    Yeah, Lindsay, good luck with that. I don’t live in South Carolina, but I’ve got multiples of your AR. Not to mention several 1911’s and a Sig or two. A couple Beretta’s and Brownings. I’m retired, so for entertainment, I go to the range and practice. You might be the last place they go in SC, but I PROMISE you, if they come to Ohio first, they won’t come see you.

  7. Martina Monica Maestas says:

    Someone stole part of my comment online. Can you get my comeye comnent back?🤦

  8. Martina Monica Maestas says:

    Someone stole part of my comment online. Can you get my comeye comnent back?🤦 FCC laws apply, felons abound.

  9. barry denbo says:

    a semi-automatic weapon is just what it is! it’s very expensive and a real pain to get an automatic licence. Besides i have a 22 i can look like an assault weapon. it’s mere cosmetics.

  10. CPO Bill says:

    i don’t have an AR of any kind, but have others as powerful. My wife is Army trained and I was Navy trained and was an instructor. Bring it on, We stand ready.

  11. Martin curro says:

    Need 2cd amendment rights to protect ourselves in this disturbing world.

  12. JOSEPH DEMARCO says:

    i got one love it made for me had a m16 in the navy and 45 love them to lets rock keep use free i got 37 state to have my guns let block all DRATS peace love rock on out god bless you all usa TRUMPS IN 2024 BYE

  13. Lucian Jones says:

    I would think it would not be very intelligent to try to take away a right to possess something that would be used against someone trying to take that right away. I’m just saying, “those that own weapons for defense, will certainly use them to defend the rights to own them!” People who believe that they have the right to defend themselves will defend themselves with what they purchased legally to defend themselves with!

  14. Mark Welsch says:

    I enjoy all my freedoms, including the one freedom that keeps me free. It keeps me from tyranny and oppression. It is a freedom that should be shared by all, people in justice and normal citizens, If one can have the protection of a gun then everyone should have the same right, we are know as Americans no one better or worse, everyone equal to enjoy the freedoms and protections provided by our Amendments, ALL Amendments.

  15. Esther l powers says:

    Thank you!! Hats off to Lindsay Graham and all who stand for our rights and I mean all our rights!! Its so sad with all Biden promised He sure didn’t deliver.. Am I a gun owner? Yes I am I also have CCW permit and took classes in.ordee to protect my family and myself ! So yes I agree and would love if we impeached Biden!! Its time we stop hiding and Stan as.a nation and fight for all our rights!!

  16. Mike says:


  17. Frank J Smith says:

    Let’s say the liberals were successful in passing their evil agenda, I would be curious to see what other weapons would come into play. Maybe a pickup truck on a schoolyard running down innocent children and teachers? Explosives using readily available items such as fertilizer and diesel fuel? Will those items as well? The issue of mass murders is not about the instrument of destruction. Convenience and availability are just a good excuse to further an idiotic agenda. Let’s focus on identifying mentally ill people, people with terroristic intentions, and programs, laws and education of parents of and children who can’t be bothered obeying the law. I don’t have the answers but I one them is not to ban AR-15’s or AR-16’s as our president calls it.

  18. Boris Terenka says:

    I agree 💯 percent we need protect our right for bear weapons I was sniper in the special forces and I love my weapons.

  19. Troy Stotts says:

    Impeach Biden and his boss “Harris” elect lindsey.

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