Restaurant Owner Believes Her Attacker's Gun Is Fake…It's Not

One brave restaurateur fought off an attempted robbery from a 19 year old with a gun. The restaurant owner, a woman named Wang, successfully grabbed what she thought to be a fake gun. She got it away from him, but again, and this bears repeating, she thought the gun was a fake. She found out the hard way that it wasn't in fact, a fake—but a real handgun that fires real bullets out of the barrel. More on this in a minute…
In the below video you can see her wrestle the firearm away from the criminal, and then you can see Wang's husband defend his wife with a meat cleaver. The giant knife gave the man gashes in his back which helped police identify him as the suspect.
I'm wondering, though, would she have wrestled the firearm away from the man if she knew that it was real? Most people would not have. Either way, she showed tremendous courage against a disparity in force that was equalized, once she was able to wrestle the gun away from his greedy paws.
Take a look at the video, and make sure you watch the whole thing, because the ending, when she finds out the gun is real, is pure gold:

Something keeps poking at me, oh yeah…It's called: Keep your finger straight and off the trigger until you're ready to fire. Ya know, one of the safety rules. Also, treat every gun as if it were loaded—another one of the rules. At least she didn't seem to point it at anyone before she pulled the trigger.
If there is one takeaway from all of this, it's that a fake gun can be hard to spot. I seriously doubt that she'd go through all of that if she realized that the gun was real. Then again, I cannot be sure.
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Restaurant Owner Believes Her Attacker's Gun Is Fake…It's Not

  1. Andrew Meekins says:


  2. Carl says:

    The video is not here. Please put it back up so I can see it. Thanks.

    1. Joshua Gillem says:

      The other one was taken down for some reason. I replaced it with a similar one, and it should be fixed now. Thanks for alerting me to this.

  3. Stef Cloutier says:

    It’s pretty good descrbing the guns in the articles . It’s not fair for the others who already have owned guns and they have their own guns defense but as for me I’m so defenseless with no guns. Number one it cost money and also have to go thru safety classes . It would be nice to get a small rifle with semi auto. I’m trying to get the gun that I’m interested in so that I can protect myself being ready. I wish they could donating me semi auto gun and not to have worry not to defenseless.
    I believe it’s not the gun problems it’s the person who has full anger, bitter and mental illness that they can access the gun easily it’s the human’s mind is a big factor mentally problem!
    It would be a blessing to obtain a AK15 rifle in my own hands that way I’m prepared and ready to defense myself and families oppose not having it one!

  4. chiefatk says:

    A lot of the problems with gun crimes is the justice system’s eagerness to plea bargain to save a few dollars. My brother and a neighbor woman was in his yard chopping wood for the winter when a man approached them with a shotgun, shot my brother in the stomach and attempted to shoot the woman but only wounded her. Thinking he had killed both of them, he ransacked my brothers pants pockets and broke into his house to search for keys to a truck to make his get away. The woman was able to get help and identify the attacker who was eventually arrested. This was a planned attack and the shotgun was bought for this purpose. The store owner said the attacker made a statement that he was going to shoot someone but they thought he was joking. This happened in the state of Pennsylvania. I went to the local state police barracks to inquire into the charges and was told the attacker was being charged with first degree murder, attempted first degree murder, trespassing and theft of the vehicle. Cut and dry with a lot of proof from the living witness, the store clerks statement and the vehicle theft. All the charges were plea bargained down, 3rd degree for the murder and aggravated assault for the woman due to a guilty plea. The final sentence was 10 to 20 years for each for a total of a possible 40 years and a mandatory five years each for the crime with a gun. Now, where is the justice in this? It seems the justice system in this country is more about the trial expense and criminal rights, than complete justice for the victims and their families. Without this plea bargain system, this criminal would either be in prison for life or have been given the death sentence. The family of the deceased wrote letters, to all officials concerned, about this plea bargain. The few replies that were received contained all of the legal reasons for the acceptance of the plea. This case happened in 1991 so the criminal is probably out on bail by now to enjoy the rest of his life. Some justice!!

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