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February 19, 2016 / Comments (1)

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Earlier this month, I conducted an informal questionnaire about “smart guns” to combat a survey put out by a different, obviously liberal, company.

Their study found that most of the questioned people thought that this technology is a necessity.

The NSSF condemned the entire process by which they conducted their survey, and we thought we'd do our own, just to prove a point and to send our own message that resembles a single finger standing up at the position of attention.
Originally, I wanted to take screen-shots of the responses, but figured there would be too much red-tape involved with that. So, I'll just highlight some of your responses. Which, by the way, are absolutely hilarious. But, that's besides the point because aside from being funny, they are also true.
The very first comment to our “survey” suggested that, instead of “smart guns,” we “need to develop a smart politician.”
My obvious reply, is GOOD LUCK!
The next comment I want to point out, said: we don't need smart guns, we need smart people. how did i come to this conclusion, you ask? i put a gun on my counter and told it to kill someone. nothing happened. so if my observations are correct, an extra variable is required, i.e. a person to utilize the gun in a deadly manner. that must mean… guns aren't the problem!!! who woulda thunk it?!
Again, you'll get no argument from me. I've often said that guns don't just magically de-holster themselves and begin shooting up the place.
Anyway, let's move on from this. The overwhelming majority (otherwise known as all) of the comments on both of our Facebook pages, said that they would either:

  • Never buy a smart gun.
  • Don't think we need smart gun tech.
  • Believe that the tech wouldn't work right if ever developed.
  • Or just think we need smarter people and politicians.

What is my point with this “survey” I conducted? When you only poll one side of any audience, this is exactly what happens. The NSSF said that the Bloomberg-backed study wasn't conducted properly, and we agree. When you only poll people who are anti-gun, or have the chance to commit fraud, they are willing to say that they are all for “smart gun” technology.
And, when only pro-gun people are surveyed, you get the exact opposite (which also just happens to be the right answer).
The truth of the matter, is that we are several years away from having a reliable “smart gun” come out of this. And then, even if we make it to that point, will these things be able to be controlled at a distance? Can they be shut off, or, fired even when nobody is holding it? There I go sounding like a conspiracy theorist again. Still, that is a concern of mine, and apparently other people as well.
If you want to read what the NSSF said about it, check out that link. And, to read what I had originally wrote about this survey, check out that link. Also, make sure you like our FB pages. There is one for the American Gun Association, and for Gun Carrier. Make sure you're following both of them.

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