How To Choose The Best Rifle Case

Feature | How to Choose the Best Rifle Case

Picking out a rifle case isn’t as easy as choosing the first duffel bag that’ll fit your firearm. We’d actually recommend looking at each individually and focusing on several key factors that can determine whether it’ll be a good fit for your weapon and needs.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Rifle Case

1. Hard or Soft

Perhaps the biggest decision you want to make before purchasing a rifle case is whether you want a hard or soft case.

Hard cases are most often made from plastic or aluminum, and they provide much more protection than soft rifle cases. These can protect your rifle from impact damage or the elements pretty capably.

Additionally, these cases are usually lined with foam that prevents your rifle from jostling around while in transit. These are also heavier and more expensive than soft cases.

Soft cases are lightweight and easier to carry on hunting trips ordering transportation. Many of these can also be designed to float, which makes them a great choice for hunting cases.

However, these aren’t nearly as secure as hard rifle cases (they rarely have locks) and they allow rifles and other ammunition to jostle around when being moved.

2. Size


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Naturally, you want to consider the size before purchasing one.

It might be smart to get the dimensions of your rifle and any other accessories you plan to take with you and narrow down your rifle case choices using that tactic. Don’t get something that’s too tight or too loose.

The former will be difficult to carry and might result in ammunition scratching your rifle. And the latter can also lead to component damage as pieces smack into one another.

3. Interior/Exterior Fabric or Material

Think about the types of materials used to make a great choice.

For instance, many top-tier soft rifle cases will use high durability nylon or other ripstop fabrics, as these will allow you to use the case for a long time to come without experiencing a big rip.

Others might use cheaper materials that usually aren’t worth your time and money.

Furthermore, take a look at the material inside a case. As we said, most hard cases use foam to keep the overall weight of the case down and to prevent the rifle and other components from jostling around in transit.

Soft cases might have different impact-resistant fabrics or holsters for your rifle and other accessories.

We’d always recommend going for durable stuff whenever possible, even if it costs a little more.

4. Weather Resistance

One good thing to consider is whether you need weather resistance for your rifle case. Most hard cases already have a little bit of waterproof functionality built into their designs, but some soft cases don’t.

If you primarily plan to use your rifle case for hunting trips, you definitely need waterproofing in whatever case you choose. Wet weapons are no good to anyone, as is wet ammo.

We’d actually recommend looking for this in any kind of rifle case you seek out. You never know when it might come in handy, even if you don’t plan on taking it hunting.

5. Weight


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Finally, consider the overall weight of the rifle case before making a final purchase.

You’ll want to try to tally up the total weight of your rifle and any other ammunition or accessories, then add the weight of the case to get a picture of what you’ll be carrying around.

Go for lighter cases if possible if your rifle and accessories are pretty heavy and the reverse if they are not.

It's Really Up to You

Ultimately, the right rifle case for you will depend on your unique needs, the situations you expect to use the case for, and your budget. Get a clear picture of what you need the case to do and figure the budget ahead of time so you’ll be able to pick something out that serves you well.

What type of rifle case are you leaning into and why? Let us know in the comments section!

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