[Watch This] Hunting Hacks – Choosing The Rifle Scope For Big Game Hunting

Hunting Rifle

Choosing a hunting rifle scope can be a real pain in the butt and the wide variety of brands and types will definitely get your head spinning.

Good thing, OpticsPlanet made us this guide for choosing the right optics for a specific type of game animal that you'll be hunting from small game varmints to big elk game.

The Best Rifle Scope For The Right Game Size

It is best to choose the design and model that works for you and one that could really cater to your needs.

Smaller game animals require a higher magnification rate because of their small size and considering the distance between them and you, without a scope they can appear like ants!

hunting rifle 3 ss

But for the big game, you'd want to have a finer and thinner crosshair center. Check out these awesome rifle scopes from Nikon. You'll surely love them!

For the varmints, you'd want something like this Nikon M-223 with 4-16 Magnification Range, perfect for zooming in to small game animals.

hunting rifle 2 ss

Now for big game hunting, you don't really have to have a high magnification range because naturally, you're gonna be standing about 100 yards away from the target which doesn't make it necessary to zoom in.

All you'd want from this kind of scope is a great reticle that would really draw your eye to the center.

The great thing about Nikon is that hey have the so-called “BDC” Reticles which stands for bullet drop compensation. There are holes on the crosshair that acts as holdover points.

No matter what you're hunting, the time of the day, and different lighting, there's always a great rifle scope out there that meets your needs. You just have to be diligent in finding the right one and planning out the different scenarios that you're gonna be in. Hunting has never been this fun!

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