Top 5 Rifles For Home Defense

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Many homeowners decide to use rifles for home defense because they are easy to use, ergonomic, inexpensive, and available in most gun stores. Check out our top recommendations for those who plan on getting your first rifle soon.

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Top 5 Rifles for Home Defense Every Shooter Should Have

1. Daniel Defense DDM4

assult rifle AR15 and pistol gun | best home defense rifle

The DMM4 by Daniel Defense AR-15 takes the number one spot on our list of best rifles for home defense. AR-15 rifles have a long, rich history dating back to almost half a century now. They are arguably one of the most popular rifles in history—and for a good reason!

AR-15 rifles have an ergonomic frame that most shooters of all levels can handle. Even your 10-year-old son can shoot a few rounds on the field without flinching. Remember: usability plays a crucial factor when choosing your home defense rifle.

2. WASR 10

Kit of moder Russia military equipment | best home defense rifles

The WASR 10 AK-47 is a versatile, reliable rifle widely used in both civilian and military applications. This rifle suits a wide range of shooters, from first-timers to seasoned veterans looking to grow their gun collection at home.

You can also customize the frame with extra add-ons for a better, more efficient shooting experience. Although, you might want to keep your home defense rifles simple and plain. Bombarding them with too many add-ons might compromise its overall usability.

3. CMMG Banshee 300 Pistol Caliber Carbine

Modern automatic carbine with optical and collimator sight | top home defense riflesIf you want your home defense rifle to double as a practice gun, try the CMMG Banshee 300 Pistol Caliber Carbine. They are both inexpensive and reliable.

What sets 9mm pistol caliber carbines apart, however, is their low price tag. Generally, they do not cost much to buy, use, and maintain. You can shoot your rifle as many times as you want for practice without worrying about money.

4. Winchester 1873

Wild west gun lever action repeating rifle | best rifles for home defense

The Winchester 1873 is a classic rifle that dates back all the way to 1873. This rifle was dubbed “The Gun that Won the West” because of how commonly used it was back in the day.

Some shooters might that this rifle feels outdated, but it actually has multiple real-life applications in modern-day society. In fact, it has an easy-to-use, simple mechanism. Most beginners can master the basics of shooting the Winchester 1873 in less than a day.

5. Ruger Mini 14

Assault rifle | home defense rifle

While the Ruger Mini 14 excels as an ergonomic, functional, and easy-to-use rifle, we placed it at the bottom of the list for its high price tag. Most models cost around $700 to $900.

Although, it does have a unique, classic aesthetic that sets it apart from other top home defense rifles. When not in use, the Ruger Mini 14 can also double as a wall hanger piece.

Check out these video by Honest Outlaw where they share their recommendations on the best rifles for home defense:

Keep in mind that we chose the rifles on this list based on our specific criteria: ease of use, affordability, and accessibility. If you do not see anything here that suits you, feel free to explore other rifles for home defense. We actually left out a lot of powerful, expensive, and hard-to-find options.

Everyone has different shooting needs. The best weapon to invest in for home defense is one that matches you and your entire household, so do not forgo proper research. Blind-buying your guns based on trend and popularity would do you more harm than good.

Which of these rifles will you recommend for home defense?

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Which among these rifles for home defense would consider getting? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!

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Top 5 Rifles For Home Defense

  1. José del hierro says:

    I agree on the AR-15 but pistol is the way to go n even better on a .300 blackout. Any way I have them in both calibers .556/.300 blackout

  2. roger coutts says:

    my first way of defense is a 12 gauge. nothing will compare to it..

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