5 Reasons Why You Should Exercise Your Right To Bear Arms

Gun Owner Signage | Reasons Why You Should Exercise Your Right to Bear Arms

The right to bear arms is a sacred cornerstone of American culture and for good reason.

Staying on Top of Your Right to Bear Arms

Today, let’s go over some of the reasons why you should continue to exercise your right to bear arms – most of them apply to many of us!

1. Self-Defense Is a Must

Woman Carrying a Concealed Firearm | Reasons Why You Should Exercise Your Right to Bear Arms

The first and most obvious reason why you should exercise your right to bear arms is for self-defense.

Guns are first and foremost a defensive tool that should (and sometimes must be) used to defend you and yours from those who would mean you harm.

While it isn’t every day that you’ll likely be faced with someone trying to threaten you or your family, you never want to be in that situation without your gun handy.

Guns don’t kill people: people kill people.

In fact, having a gun is likely to deter someone looking for an easy target in the first place!

2. Property Protection Is Essential for Many

A related reason is property protection.

We don’t mean in the context of defending your home from a burglar but instead are referring to those who have wide-open properties they may need to defend from wild animals.

Consider a farmer that has several animals they rely on for livestock. Those animals are literally their livelihood.

Having a weapon on hand means that they’ll be able to defend their animals from common predators like coyotes, mountain lions, and more.

Furthermore, you can use your weapon to periodically clear your property of pests and keep them scared away so they don’t return to harass your animals.

3. Sporting Is Fun!


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We’d be remiss to mention the fact that shooting firearms is just plain fun!

Those who don’t agree with this point likely haven’t been to the shooting range and had a great time plinking away at targets with their favorite rifle or pistol.

Spending time at the shooting range is a great way to bond with your family or friends. And it’s a good way to hone the skills you might need for self-defense or for property protection.

Using your gun for sport is another good way to teach yourself how to use the weapon responsibly and maturely.

In effect, you should exercise your right to bear arms for sport so you can use your firearm correctly when it matters most.

4. Hunting is an Art for Lots of Americans

Then, there are millions of Americans that hunt with firearms.

Hunting is a time-honored tradition, and it’s something that many people rely on in order to put food on the table even today.

Being able to hunt means applying all the skills that you learn on the shooting range to make a kill.

It’s something that’s been a part of every human culture since the dawn of civilization.

Exercising your right to bear arms to hunt is noble and even good for the environment.

Consider the fact that pre-animals like deer would overwhelm the environment without hunters keeping them down every year.

5. It’s a Government Deterrent

Bullets on Top of The US Flag | Reasons Why You Should Exercise Your Right to Bear Arms

Finally, you have to remember the entire point of the Second Amendment: to deter the federal government from ever taking advantage of its citizens.

While it’s not likely that we have an actual military coup on our hands, we should never give the government the opportunity in the first place. Americans should always be armed in memory of our heritage.

When a government tries to take advantage of us, we boot them out!

Can you share with us your experience on how bearing arms benefits you? Write it down in the comments section!

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5 Reasons Why You Should Exercise Your Right To Bear Arms

  1. Henry J Smith says:

    Protect 2 A….

  2. charlie day says:

    it is my right to be armed period and that right shall shall not be infringed

  3. Kenneth Gill says:

    Read your state constitution. It almost certainly has a clause which basically repeats the Second Amendment

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