Rights Infringement Imminent as Coronavirus Panic Rises 

Rights Infringement Imminent as Coronavirus Panic Rises 

Coronavirus this, coronavirus that… it’s all sounding a bit crazy out there. Even worse, many of the usual suspects are taking this latest crisis and using it as an excuse to infringe on American rights.

There’s a lot to keep in mind about the coming months, especially if you want to make sure you and your family are secure throughout.

Coronavirus – Current Effects

Already, we’re seeing a lot of disturbing trends both from the government and from the public at large. Over 68% of our population sees coronavirus as an serious threat.

Infographic: Is Coronavirus A Major Public Health Threat? | Statista

You will find more infographics at Statista

As people become scared, it becomes a lot easier for them to make bad choices, especially when their rights are at stake.

For instance, many people are vocally clamoring for additional checkpoints and public safety precautions that involve taking away their rights. You can no longer travel to many countries without undergoing a deep background check, all in the name of catching someone who might have the virus.

No one's saying that public safety isn't important… but it's a bit of a disturbing trade-off if you ask us.

Consider Benjamin Franklin’s famous quote, “Those who would give up an essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety”. Those words may have been spoken hundreds of years ago but they are just as relevant now.

Giving up our privacy and submitting to mandatory health checkups, quarantines, and government tracking is a deal we just aren’t comfortable making.

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What You Can Do

The stock market is falling: there’s nothing you can do about that. Instead of worrying about numbers in the sky, it’s a much better idea to think about what you can do to keep what’s yours, especially as people start to panic.

We’re already seeing lots of people storming grocery stores and snatching up all the supplies they can.

Infographic: Americans Are Hoarding Face Masks | Statista

You will find more infographics at Statista

This “scarcity” mentality is often even more dangerous than anything the government could impose. People will always try to take what they can from those who can’t defend themselves. And to think that people argue that you shouldn’t have the guns you need to protect your family and property…

All in all, a global recession isn’t only possible: it’s probable. Thanks to the interconnected economy, chances are high that we’ll be seeing some significant resource shortages in the near future. Things like canned food and gasoline will become worth their weight in gold.

If you already have significant resources, you should start thinking about your defensive stockpiles and make sure you have an action plan to protect what is already yours. You and your family can’t afford to give up what you have to random folks on the street.


Another thing to keep in mind as the Coronavirus story evolves is to not be distracted from major global events. It’s certainly odd that this virus decided to crop up on one of the most important election years in American history. But we can’t prove anything one way or another.

Either way, just remember that voting and exercising your American rights are just as important now as they were before. Don't let the fear-mongering about the virus stop you from performing your duty.

Similarly, don’t let the public panic distract you from what your rights are or convince you that the government should come to take what’s yours in the name of redistribution. Scarcity mentality is a real thing that can even affect government officials (though they’ll claim otherwise).

Be prepared to stand your ground, even in the face of martial law. Remember, Americans are armed to ensure that the government can’t take things that are yours without permission.

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Summing Up

There may indeed be troubling times ahead. But so long as you’re prepared and know what to expect, you can weather the storm just like all the others. Stand firm and remember – so long as you’re armed and able, you can defend your way of life.

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