Hoang Xuan Vinh Wins The 10m Air Pistol Men Event in Rio Olympics 2016

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Vietnam is an active participant of the Olympic Games. On this year's competitions, Hoang Xuan Vinh brings home a gold medal for Vietnam in the Rio Olympics 2016. Since the 50's, Vietnam actively participated in the Olympic Games albeit only bringing home a silver and a bronze each in the Sydney and Beijing Olympics. As a result, ‘Nam's current placement in the Brazil Olympics 2016 brings pride and excitement for the nation. More importantly, this sudden victory boosts the morale of all their athletes participating in the Rio Olympics 2016.

Hoang Xuan Vinh Wins The 10m Air Pistol Men Event in Rio Olympics 2016

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After decades of failing to secure a medal in the Olympics, Vietnam was finally able to score the big one in the Rio Olympics 2016. Hoang Xuan Vinh, a 41-year old military man won the final round of the 10m Men's Air Pistol event.

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Hoang Xuan Vinh competed with Felipe Almeida Wu of Brazil during the final round of the 10m Air Pistol Men's. Despite the crowd's cheering on Wu, Vinh was able to emerge victorious scoring a total points of 202.5.


When interviewed during a press conference, Vinh states “I'm very lucky, it's the first gold medal in Vietnam's history, I feel very lucky, thank you everybody.” Pang Wei from China ended up getting the Bronze Medal while Felipe Almeida Wu got Silver. Down to their second to the last shot, Almeida scored barely a point higher than Vinh.


In order to beat Wu, Vinh needed a 10.4 or higher to bag 1st place. Vinh closed it with 10.7 over Wu's 10.5m, bringing to a total of 202.5 for Vinh and 202.1 for Wu. Despite Hoang Xuan Vinh's humble remarks, I believe it is his skill and discipline in training that lead him to win the 10m Air Pistol competition. No competitor wins with sheer luck alone.

Vietnam's first gold medal will inspire more athletes from the country. And before we know it, they'll be securing top spots all over the 2016 Olympics. What other sports do you think can Vietnam win a top place at during the Rio Olympics 2016?


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