Why Carry With a Round in the Chamber: Part 2

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In part one of this short series, we talked about why you should carry a handgun with a round in the chamber. If you remember correctly, we reasoned that bad guys don't give good guys enough time to react. Now, we're going to talk about a couple of the reasons why people don't carry their firearm with a round in the chamber.
But before we get there, I strongly urge you to read part one of this series first, so you can get a glimpse of everything I'm trying to convey on this topic.
First, people are afraid of their guns. Now, if you don't carry a gun with a round chambered, try not to get offended here. My goal is not to offend – it is to inform, so you can make a well-educated decision.
A part of the problem, is that the media does a very good job of convincing everyone that our guns are going to de-holster themselves and start shooting people up during the latest blockbuster movie. Unfortunately, people begin to develop an unhealthy fear of the very thing that could save their life.
The second issue, which is an even bigger problem, is that people don't train with their guns anywhere near as often as they should. In all reality, when you don't train, it helps add to the fear. Think about it like this: when you first got behind the wheel of a car, you hadn't the slightest idea what you were doing.

If you're like most first time drivers, you hugged the shoulder each time an oncoming car came at you even though it likely never even crossed over the lines. But, as you practiced driving and got more comfortable, you eventually became a seasoned pro at driving.
You learned how the car would handle corners at certain speeds. You realized that the car was actually smaller than you had originally thought because you had used it often. Eventually, you grew accustomed to it. Now, your muscle memory takes over each time you get into a car.

However, you still understand the dangers if you don't follow the rules. If you don't stop at a stop sign, yield to oncoming traffic or follow the speed laws, you could end up getting hurt – or hurting someone else. But because you know these rules, and you practice driving often, you can stay safe.
So, what does this have to do with carrying a round in the chamber? If you have a gun that you've never fired, you need to find a gun club or range that you can get to on at least a monthly basis. If you've never fired a gun before, but you own one for self defense, you need to go find an instructor who can teach you how to use it properly.
The NRA's website has a list of qualified instructors all across the country. All you have to do is type in your area and what type of class you're looking for. It will populate the results based on the criteria you've selected. These classes can be expensive, however it is totally worth it to learn how to use your weapon properly from someone who knows what they're doing.

And, after you've practiced a bit, you'll gain the confidence to carry a weapon as if your life depended on it–with a round in the chamber. The most important thing, is to train hard and often, and to treat your firearm with the respect it deserves. Just as long as you follow the safety rules, you won't shoot yourself, or anyone else who doesn't deserve it. In case you forgot, here is a refresher on the four safety rules:

Sound Off Gun Carriers! Does all of this make sense? If you have never carried with one in the chamber, have we changed your mind? Let us know in the comments below. Then, make sure you head over to the Facebook page belonging to our friends over at Survival Life to make sure you're up to date with the latest they've got going on.

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Why Carry With a Round in the Chamber: Part 2

  1. stan says:

    I really like this Gun Carrier site…I carry all the time now..You can’t assume anything,,I have over 40 years training in carrying and handling guns..Four years in the Marines,Combat Viet Nam Veteran,military police..my own know how..I am extra careful when I open carry,and round chambered..Even when concealed..Something that has been drilled into my military back ground..Don’t take nothing for granted…My wife is Philipino..Very afraid when I carry.. took her to the range to fire my Colt .380..Scared the hell out off her at first..After that we went to the range 3–4 times a month..That was 10 years ago..Just bought her a Glock 42 .380..She knows how to use it,and carries concealed….
    HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY 2015 TO YOU ALL,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  2. paul says:

    Good article, but (at least in my opinion) it relates more to semi-autos than to revolvers (yet the pic at the top shows a revolver).

  3. Walt says:

    Currently I have a Diamond semi .22 auto. small, light and fairly easy to conceal. I looked at a .380 DA semi yesterday, about the same size as my .22 but with a hidden hammer and no safety. I think it might be a great replacement for my .22 and I can carry a round in chamber. What ya think about that choice.

  4. RLD says:

    WIth very few exceptions (and I can think of none at the moment) you should carry with one in the chamber. Just as in hunting, a deer or other wild life is not going to wait for you to chamber a round to get a shot off. Neither is a bad guy when he is after yuo or something you have in your possesion that they want. If/when your life depends on it, better be able to pull the trigger and know it’s going to fire.

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