Ruger 40 Cal Auto Pistol Review: The Ruger SR40c

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November 3, 2021 / Comments (1)

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From excellent ergonomics to higher caliber to commendable capacity, the Ruger 40 cal auto pistol easily lends itself to concealed carry for self-defense.

Here is why it is one of the best handguns in the world.

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Is the Ruger 40 Cal Auto Pistol the Coolest Handgun Ever Made

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Ruger SR40c Specifications

Some of the Ruger 40 cal auto pistols include but are not limited to:

  • Barrel length: 3-5 inches
  • Finish: Duo-tone finish
  • Gun capacity: 15+1 gun
  • Caliber: .40 S&W
  • Slide material: Steel
  • Sights: 3-dot
  • Hand twist: 1-16”


Nothing beats a higher caliber in more capacity! Thankfully, with the Ruger 40 cal auto pistol, you get a smaller nine-round magazine that sits flush on the bottom of the grip and a larger 15-round extended magazine.

Being a locked-breech handgun, it holds an additional round in the breech, making a total of 15+1. While the 15-round magazine makes the gun almost as tall as the SR40, the nine-round magazine significantly reduces the height, making the pistol ideal for concealed carry.

Note: You can opt for two nine-round magazines instead.


Ruger did not hold back when designing the 40 cal auto pistol when it comes to safety features. Aside from having trigger safety, it also features a magazine safety that prevents firing when the magazine is not inserted in the mag well.

Similarly, it features a firing pin block safety that prevents discharge if the pistol is accidentally dropped. And, of course, the signature ambidextrous thumb safety for easy operation.

You might also find the featured loaded chamber indicator helpful. When loaded, it displays a large red notch, which certainly comes in handy when firing in the dark, though some shooters feel that it might get snagged up on something.


SR40c’s two-tone design features a glass-reinforced black polymer frame and a satin stainless steel slide for durability. The satin stainless steel results explicitly in an eye-catching matte finish on the slide. What’s more, this handgun has a dehorned exterior to ensure it doesn’t catch on to your clothing, especially when drawing.

A combination of its compact dimension, lightweight, and dehorned exterior makes it the concealed carry handgun.


With the Ruger 40 cal auto pistol, aiming and target acquisition are via three-dot sights that you can easily adjust for windage and elevation. That’s not all. You can remove and replace these rear and front sights with other aftermarket optics.

You will also appreciate the handgun’s built-in Weaver rail that comes in handy when attaching aiming laser, lighting, and other accessories.

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As earlier stated, the Ruger 40 cal auto pistol is user-friendly with right-and-left-hand thumb safeties and magazine releases. But the most outstanding feature, however, is the reversible backstrap that fits different hand sizes.

The icing on the top is the aggressive slide serrations that give you exceptional traction when racking the slide.


Though the trigger has a smooth trigger pull, it might take a little getting used to due to the trigger safety that prevents it from firing when the trigger isn’t entirely pulled. It may, however, feel a little faster and lighter than in other striker-fired pistols.


The recoil on this striker-fired pistol is more or less what you would expect with guns of this caliber. If anything, it may feel somewhat less than what you’d expect, partly because of the perfect grip that perfectly fits most hands.


Gun Display Stands | Ruger 40 Cal Auto Pistol Review: The Ruger SR40c

Even with all its power and outstanding features, the Ruger 40 cal auto pistol is still among the most affordable handguns in the market today. That said, it is out of stock in most gun shops but will set you back anywhere from 200 dollars, depending on whether you get a used or new piece.

Final Verdict

All in all, the SR40c is a worthy self-defense handgun. This is especially so because it comes backed by the powerful .40 S&W round, making it a powerful concealed carry handgun. What’s more, it makes an ideal choice for shooters who feel the need for a compact EDC pistol in a caliber more powerful than the nine-millimeter.

Watch this video by ClassicFirearms on how effective the .40 S&W is:

There you have it, fellow gun lovers. With all these exceptional features, you cannot go wrong with the Ruger 40 cal auto pistol. The best part is that you do not need to rob a bank to add this piece to your self-defense arsenal. For a few hundred dollars, you can get yourself a used or new piece.

Which feature of the Ruger SR40c stands out most for you?

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