Turkey Hunting Tactics: 10 Don’ts of Safe Turkey Hunting

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September 11, 2019 / Comments (1)

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Are you into turkey hunting? More often than not, it's what you do that drives the turkeys away. If you want to be more successful when hunting turkeys, you have to be really stealthy and that means being quiet too. Here are some things you should avoid when turkey hunting.

Turkey Hunting Tactics: 10 Don'ts of Safe Turkey Hunting

10 Things You Need To Remember Before The Hunt

You probably see on almost every hunting videos that the hunt is always successful. But reality is, it is not always like that. Most of the hunters go home without any bird. You have to remember that anything you do can disturb the environment. Here are some tips that you need to remember when turkey hunting.

Don't Move Too Fast

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Don't raise your gun too quickly — it will scare the turkey away. In fact, don't do anything in a very abrupt manner. Position yourself whenever you see the turkey approaching, not when it's already in front.

Don't Be Impatient

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It really takes time for a turkey to come. If you lack patience, you might miss out on the bird that sneaked in. Don't leave yet and give yourself at least 30 minutes. This give you ample time to really make sure that the area has no turkeys.

Don't Crowd The Roost

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It's bad enough that you can't get turkey for yourself but it's even worse to go home empty handed because of other hunters being present. The wild is a vast space to hunt and if you see other hunters that aren't with you, it's time to walk. I personally hate seeing other hunters on the field because it means there are more competition and more chances of spooking turkeys out.

Don't Fire Yet

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It's usual to call when your walking and looking for a new spot. But it's always best to settle in your comfortable spot rather than running and gunning at the same time when you suddenly see a turkey coming. Furthermore, shooting while moving is a big no in the gun safety rule book!

Don't Call Over Barriers

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Turkeys don't like crossing barriers responding to a call. If you're a dominant turkey, would you exert that much effort just for a hen calling? I don't think so! Be on the same side of the border or fence. Scouting the area is always the best practice.

Don't Call Too Much

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Excessive calling will drive the turkey away. This could probably be the worst thing to do when turkey hunting–calling too much. Turkeys will know that it's a fake booty call if it's too often. A few soft three yelps are enough.

Don't Wear Poor Camouflage

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Turkeys have excellent eyesight and they could easily make you out from the environment. Wearing camouflage from head to toe is a must. In addition, match the pattern of your camo with the foliage and forest type. Also, wear a matching hat or face paint.

Don't Try A Body Shot

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For turkey shot placements, it is best to shoot them on the neck. Plus, it is wise to pattern your rifle before you shoot. More often than not, some guns will fire somewhat higher. Aim for the neck and don't shoot when the bird is on the move.

Don't Quit So Soon

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Most hunters think that the best time to hunt is mid-morning. Well, that is a common mistake since these gobblers are more responsive to call when the hen is leaving them to head for their nest. Hunt all day and don't give up.

Don't Forget To Look

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Before you leave the site or spot, check every direction first because some birds may come out from unexpected places. You don't want birds to spot you come in and out of your hiding spot because the next time you come, they'll all have left the place.

Watch KYAfield‘s video below for more turkey hunting tips!

Every hunt is different. You should always be prepared and be mindful of the things that experience taught you. Don't make the same mistake again for a more successful hunt. Remember this tips and happy hunting!

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