Secret Reports Exonerate Guns in School Shooter Creation

Feature | Guns Not to Blame for Creation of School Shooters

Bombshell behind-the-scenes information shows why the FBI failed in the Parkland shooting case. Secret DHS and FBI reports reveal the true origin and cause of the school shooter creation. Hollywood and Washington, D.C. are to blame for the rise of the school shooter – not the gun.

Guns Not to Blame for Creation of School Shooters

Guns Don't Kill People…

Guns have no relationship to the Parkland shooting or any other school shooting. Secret FBI and media reports have proven the true cause of this new American pandemic. It lies with sexual deviance, political correctness, and junk science.

Gun ownership, rather than being a contributing factor, actually offers one of two elements needed to end the exploding trend. According to the FBI's own data, CNN, and the Washington Post's own reports, guns are a “zero factor” in the school shooting epidemic now engulfing America and causing controversy from Hollywood to Washington, D.C.

Sex, Lies, and the Parkland Shooting: FBI and Police Failures

How could the same FBI that beat the KGB during the Cold War and decimated the Mafia from New York City to Los Angeles miss this? This is what high school students, housewives, and bail bondsmen saw regarding the danger represented by Nicholas Cruz. This young man reportedly took the lives of 17 people during the Feb. 14 school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

The answer is they didn't miss it. It is impossible that the FBI missed that Nicholas Cruz was exactly what he turned out to be. He was a murderous school shooter. The answer as to why the FBI didn't pursue the Nicholas Cruz can be found in the bureau’s conduct in similar cases. Particularly, a case in which the FBI insisted that a female suspect was arrested for a mass shooting even though she was not at the scene of the crime. Additionally, she has never fired a gun in her life.

FBI Blows Other Mass Shooting Cases

Pulse nightclub shooter Omar Mateen's high school classmates, fellow security guard at G4S, trainees at a police academy (where police were called to escort him from the facility), and gun shop clerks all reach the same conclusion. That is, Mateen is a terrorist. The FBI inexplicably twice investigated Omar Mateen for terrorism and clears him. Omar Mateen kills 49 people and wounds 50 people in June 2016.

The FBI is warned by the FSB (Russia's new KGB) that Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev are terrorists upon their return to Boston. They came from a prolonged stay in the terror hotbed region of the Caucasus Mountains. The FBI takes no action. Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev killed 3 people and wounded 264 people in April 2013.

Enemies In Our Midst

Fort Hood officers warn the FBI that their fellow officer Major Nadal Hasan is a stone-cold terrorist. The FBI is presented with emails between Major Nadal Hasan and Al Qaeda chief Anwar al-Awlaki. The emails state that he wants to commit acts of violence against America. Again, the FBI takes no action. Major Nadal Hasan kills 14 people and wounds 31 people in November 2009.

Even Stevie Wonder could've seen these people were going to kill. Depending on authorities, to protect the public in 2018 is not a realistic option. This is true even according to the FBI and DHS. And as was proven in the October 2017 Las Vegas shooting, the police could not even protect themselves. They had to run and hide until SWAT units showed up. The security guard that first encountered the Las Vegas shooter was unarmed. All evidence shows that had he been armed, the shooter would never have been able to fire one round at the crowd below.

Public Safety Takes Backseat to Politics

Recall that I stated that there is a current case in Florida. The FBI insisted that a female was arrested and charged in a mass shooting. This is even though she was not on site when the shooting took place.

That female is Pulse nightclub shooter Omar Mateen's wife. Noor Salman is currently on trial in Orlando. She is facing a life sentence for telling the FBI and James Comey the same story that the FBI and James Comey told us. Noor Salman states that she had no idea that her husband was a mass shooter. Exactly just as the FBI told us in Omar Mateen’s case, and the numerous cases from Boston to Parkland.

Now, why do we believe the FBI? How could we believe the FBI? How is it even possible that the FBI didn't know what they are accusing Noor Salman of knowing? We have to accept that the FBI blew the Parkland shooting investigation for the same reasons it blew all of the other investigations. Protecting the kids at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School took a back seat to politics and political correctness. And, if I may be so direct – a lack of caring, simple as that.

Mass Shooting Policy Fails Public

The answer as to why the Broward County Sheriff's deputies did not enter Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School and take out the shooter is even more troubling. This mystery is solved by an April 14, 2016, article in the Washington Post titled “The Capitol May Be Ready for a Terrorist Attack. But is Your Favorite D.C. Bar?” The article reveals the shocking policy of DHS and FBI concerning mass violence at bars, clubs, and festivals. The policy is:

  1. Draw up a plan of succession (as members of the staff get killed). You're on your own.
  2. The DHS cavalry is not coming over the hill. You are the cavalry.

This policy has been adopted by most police agencies around the country, despite what the public is being told about police charging into mass shootings with guns blazing. In typical present-day American fashion, the DHS is telling citizens to arm themselves and be prepared to repulse mass shootings. However, the politicians and corporations are telling Americans to disarm.

The real world evidence of the DHS, FBI, and now police policy lies in the conduct of police in three of America's worst mass shootings:

San Bernardino Shooting

Despite being heavily outgunned, four officers who had never worked together (a lieutenant, one patrol officer, a homicide detective, and a motorcycle officer), immediately enter the Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino, California and launch a “contain and kill” hunt for ISIS terrorists Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik.

The officers who had arrived 3.5 minutes earlier cleared the entire building without hesitation. They are however aware that they are facing cold-blooded killers armed with semi-automatic rifles. No additional casualties occur among civilians or after the four officers entered the building.

The Jihadi Bonnie and Clyde couple are gunned down by police in Redlands, California 4 hours later in a kill or be killed shootout. Police rain 440 rounds down on the Farook and Malik, consequently saving dozens of lives.

Pulse Nightclub Shooting

There were dozens of Orlando police, Orange County deputies, Florida State police, and SWAT teams outside of the Pulse Nightclub. Regrettably though, they wait three hours to enter the club – fully aware of the slaughter going on inside.

Las Vegas Shooting

The entire Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department was deployed to the Las Vegas Strip to neutralize the Route 91 Harvest Festival shooter at Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino. Puzzlingly, sniper units, special response teams (SRT), and “kill” squads from Nevada's Joint Terrorism Center wait one hour and 15 minutes to enter the shooter's hotel room.

Police Change Behavior

The San Bernardino shooting took place in December 2015. The Pulse Nightclub shooting took place in June 2016. Additionally, the Las Vegas shooting took place in October 2017, and the Parkland shooting took place in February 2018. So what happened between San Bernardino and Parkland that caused such a drastic change in police behavior? Two things:

  1. The police departments around the country got word of the DHS and FBI policy, detailed in the Washington Post article.
  2. The San Bernardino Police Department follows the standards of the Los Angeles police department. Those standards are the same as the New York City, Detroit, and Chicago police departments – they don't listen to the feds. Due to New York City (La Cosa Nostra), Detroit (the Murder Capital), Chicago (“Scarface” Al Capone), and Los Angeles (Wild Wild West) setting the pace for all crime trends in America, the police have a different view and philosophy towards crime and criminals. That approach is straight of a scene from the Hollywood movie classic “Tombstone” starring Kurt Russell and Val Kilmer: Surrender, or get put in a hole.

Location, Location, Location

There will be no waiting for SWAT or for instructions from the Feds. Broward County, Las Vegas, and Orlando police don't have that same attitude – that same O.K. Corral mentality – and it showed in the worst of ways. To put it in perspective, the Las Vegas shooter would have been dropped in 15-30 seconds by a counter sniper or in a rush of street cops had he tried the same thing in New York City, Detroit, Chicago, or Los Angeles – and that's why he didn't try it in one of those cities.

Again, President Trump is right on the money. The Parkland shooter would not have gone to the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School if he thought there was even a chance that the three teachers and coaches that he killed were possibly armed. No way, no how.

Social Issues Create School Shooter

The ratio of guns to Americans has been consistent for the 241 years of our history. The cause of the school shooting epidemic cannot be guns. That is impossible. The question is, what is different in today's America that is creating ultra-violent school shooters? The answer can be found in examining another uniquely American murderer: the serial killer.

America is 4.5 percent of the world's population but produces 75 percent of the world's serial killers. Despite what the media says about serial killers, 90 percent of them are perfectly sane. That is, they are not “crazy.” They are sociopaths, not psychopaths. The most important facts to understand about serial killers are that they are manufactured by society and are not naturally occurring.

School Shooters: The Facebook Generation’s Serial Killer

Serial killers and school shooters are exactly alike in every way except for one. That one reason explains why school shooters kill the way they do. The typical serial killer is in his late 20s to late 30s. However, the typical school shooter is in his late teens to early 20s. The serial killer has learned patience, which allows him to get away with his crimes one at a time. The school shooter has not learned patience, and this is why his violence ends in one explosive massive event.

Stereotyping Your School Shooter

The typical serial killer is American, male, has major sexual issues, mother was a prostitute, tortured animals, is obsessed with fire/arson, has a higher than normal IQ, targets women and children, and is a voyeur with a penchant towards child pornography. All evidence indicates that the school shooter is the Facebook generation's serial killer, as evidenced by the Sandy Hook Elementary Elementary and Parkland shooters' known behavior.

The Sandy Hook Elementary shooter and copycat Parkland shooter were both discovered with child pornography on their phones and computers. The Parkland shooter was known to have tortured animals, carried around a dead bird – which he held to his crotch – and his drug-addict mother is reported to have sold him to his adoptive mother for $50,000. Sex is the substitute currency in the drug trade, and it is likely that the Parkland shooter witnessed his mother engaging in such activity.

School Shooters Suffer from Couples Envy

Additionally, the Parkland shooter attacked on Valentine's Day. This was not a coincidence. The Son of Sam killer in New York City and several serial killers in California targeted couples under mirror circumstances. It was no mistake that the Parkland killer went to the freshman building to find victims. They were the physically smallest and least likely to be able to successfully fight back. The Parkland shooter is also the sociopathic doppelganger for the 2014 UC Santa Barbara shooter, who similarly targeted his smaller male roommates and females. The shooter made numerous Facebook posts of his acidic envy of couples and males with girlfriends.

The FBI Weighs In

The FBI Behavioral Science Unit's own studies, investigations, and data absolutely verify school shooters are the tech era's serial killers, yet they refuse to act on the irrefutable science in the same way they refused to investigate the Parkland shooter. The FBI, like the media and the politicians, has concluded that it is easier and more politically advantageous to simply blame guns. They are hoping that a gullible public buys into it. It is another case of the junk science movement from the 80s rearing its head in present-day America – with disastrous results.

School Shooters Influenced by Reality TV

The school shooter traces directly back to the cultural changes in American society that began in the 1980s (present but in the minority) and became dominant in the mid-1990s. Reality TV is at the top of the list. Although originally dismissed as a factor by “experts” and academics in school shootings, the crack of entertainment is now widely blamed in intellectual circles as the main element in creating school shooters. This is evidenced in a December 2015 article in the Atlantic titled “The Warning Signs of a Mass Shooting.”

The piece lays out in direct terms the poisonous effect that the mass delusion that is reality TV has brought on America. Directly put, removing guns from American society would not have any effect on decreasing school shooting casualties, but removing reality TV would. Some school shooters have stated that they believed that the more people they killed, the more famous they would become. Combine the built-in delusion of reality TV with the extreme fallacy of social media (which in most cases should be renamed sociopath media), and you have created a mass murderer.

This point is driven home by the case of the would-be Minnesota school shooter. Like the Columbine, Las Vegas, and an Alabama school shooter, he planned to kill his victims with bombs after killing his family and committing arson to distract police so that he could maximize casualties. You could ban every gun on Earth and the result would be more deaths, not less, in school attacks.

School Shooters vs. Drive-By Shooters

The emasculation of American society is also a major cause of the rise of the school shooter. The suburban school shooter's inner city twin is the drive-by shooter, and both are a result of everything warned about in the infamous 1965 Moynihan report on the negative effects of a society where men don't head the American family.

An analysis of the two mass shooters finds that their origin and method of attack are exactly the same, with the only difference being where each kills. The drive-by shooter kills kids on the way to school. The school shooter kills kids actually in the school. In both cases, it is violence taking the place of a masculine and disciplined environment.

The result of the failed social policies of the post-80s has created “zombie youth” – cold-blooded, dehumanized, emasculated killing machines with the emotions of Elizabeth Taylor on her worst day, the mentality of a spoiled child, and the destructive power of a grown man. Guns could not have caused this.

School Shooters Driven by 24-Hour Cable News Networks

Other factors, such as proximity to the previous school and mass shootings, have proven to be a major factor in additional mass violence events. There has been a cluster of such shootings in and around the Columbine shooting, Southern California, and the San Francisco area. The elements that lead to these clustered incidents of mass violence are not the number of guns or gun shops in the area but instead are driven by endless coverage of the 24-hour cable news networks.

The endless coverage gives attackers exactly what they want – reality TV-type fame; fame that requires no talent. Both would be faux stars seeking Hollywood-level fame even though they can’t dance, sing, or act. A deluded culture naturally yields deluded criminals. No American is surprised that Middle East culture results in Middle Eastern suicide bombers. So why is anyone surprised here?

Secret Service Erroneously Concludes School Shooters are Assassins

However, the biggest missed contributing factor in the school shooting epidemic comes courtesy of another U.S. security agency – the Secret Service. The Secret Service released a study on school shooters in 2000 that concluded that they were assassins. This report is wrong but is used as the Bible on school shooters by federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies.

That explains why the school shooter problem has mushroomed instead of being killed off. The Secret Service culture is hunting and thwarting assassins, so it is only natural that they reached this highly erroneous conclusion. They couldn't see the serial killer for the assassins they had concluded were the culprit before they looked at one piece of data – the same thing that is now being done with guns – particularly rifles.

Social Snake Oil Cannot Cure School Shooting Epidemic

People have in their minds that it is guns that cause school shooters. It's the same way the best Harvard and Yale geniuses had it in their minds. For 100 years they thought stress, spicy foods, and alcohol caused ulcers. Billions of dollars were spent on what amounted to snake oil. Similarly, America is spending billions of dollars on social snake oil regarding school shootings. The science proved the experts to be wrong on ulcers as it has on school shootings.

Malcolm Gladwell sits down with CBSN to explain the reasoning behind why school shootings happen:

As with school shootings, the cause of ulcers was found to be an infection. In the case of ulcers, it was the H. pylori bacteria. It took a dollar’s worth of Pepto Bismol and $10 worth of antibiotics being the cure. However, in the case of school shootings, it is politically correct bacteria at fault. It is infecting America. However, the Second Amendment gun ownership is the cure.

What do you think is a school shooter's motivation? Let us know in the comments section.

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