Oklahoma Guns For Second Amendment Sanctuary Status

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Oklahoma State Senator Warren Hamilton filed Senate Bill 631, which aimed to make Oklahoma a Second Amendment Sanctuary State. This means the bill will prevent any future legislation by the federal government from infringing on the Second Amendment rights of Oklahomans.

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Second Amendment Sanctuary Act 

Under the Second Amendment Sanctuary State Act, the preemption would include several federal laws. One is the National Firearms Act of 1934, which required the registration of all firearms and imposed a tax on the making and transfer of firearms. Also, the act preempts the Gun Control Act of 1968, which imposed stricter licensing and regulations on the firearms industry. Also, it created new categories of firearms offenses. In addition, the act prohibited the sale of firearms and ammunition to felons.

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“SB 631 states that the gun laws as they exist today are as restrictive as they’re ever going to be and that they cannot be added to. No governmental agency has the Constitutional authority to restrict magazines, ammunition, modern sporting rifles, or AR pistols,” said Hamilton. In addition, he said the bill makes it definitive. “This bill is simply a red line that clearly defines the limits of governmental authority regarding our unalienable, God-given, blood-bought, constitutionally guaranteed right to keep and bear arms,” he added.

On the Senate Floor

Hamilton, a gun advocate, is a member of several Second Amendment advocacy groups over the years. In fact, he is an active member of the National Rifle Association, the Gun Owners of America, the Oklahoma Second Amendment Association, and Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership (JPFO).  

After clearing the Senate Public Safety Committee, HB 631 now heads to the Senate floor for consideration. Once it receives approval from the Senate and signed into law, it will go into effect immediately. Meanwhile, other states also passed similar legislation. For example, Arkansas, Ohio, and South Carolina state legislatures are also passing sanctuary bills.

Support From 12 Counties

In addition, SB 631 received support from sheriffs of at least 12 counties in Oklahoma. Sheriff Larry Lane has declared Sequoyah County to be a Second Amendment sanctuary, a symbolic gesture already protected by the Constitution.

In particular, Sheriff Larry Lane recently declared Sequoyah County as a Second Amendment sanctuary. In a memo sent to Sequoyah County residents last January, Sheriff Lane said he aims to protect the citizens without infringing on their rights to possess firearms. Meanwhile, Sequoyah joins other counties that are Second Amendment sanctuaries in Oklahoma. These at least 37 other counties in the state. 

Dillion’s Rule State

Oklahoma is a Dillion's Rule State, which means local governments are limited to powers expressly granted to them by the state legislature. Most firearm regulations are drafted and enacted by the Oklahoma statehouse. However, most experts see the move as symbolic. The Second Amendment of the Constitution already protects citizens' right to bear arms.

In May of last year, Oklahoma became the first state to enact an anti-red flag law. Red flag laws allow for the petition to order the temporary removal of firearms from persons who present a danger.

Watch Fox News Brett Baier reporting on several states considering becoming ‘Second Amendment Sanctuaries':

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Is your state a Second Amendment Sanctuary State? If not, do you think it should be one? Let us know what you think about second amendment sanctuaries and how it applies to your state. Share your thoughts below!

31 Responses to :
Oklahoma Guns For Second Amendment Sanctuary Status

  1. Howard says:

    I believe if they start messing around with America’s constitution the American people should ignore whatever they do

  2. Shuggs says:

    Politicians don’t care about the safety of the general public as long as they have access to armed security guards, as well as many of them have a license to carry. All laws should equally apply to all individuals, including politicians.

  3. Lisa Meadows says:

    I completely agree with Howard! If they try to mess with our constitution, or Second Amendment rights, I will ignore them and if they come to get my guns, we’ll, we’ll see what happens but I will fight them all the way, if I have to!

  4. Brad says:

    I live in New Mexico. The population of the entire state is about 2,000,000 which is substantially less than the population of just the San Francisco, CA Bay Area where I come from which stands at 7.75 million! We are the 5th largest state by land size in the nation with the largest population being in the cesspool, crime filled city of Albuquerque with almost 600,000. There is no reason whatsoever in a state like our with so small a population and such big area of open space to have any restriction on the Second Amendment! These Democrats are begging for a civil war!

  5. Skeptical says:

    I suggest a real act that would underscore the theme completely, is the total state abolition of all unconstitutional state firearms laws and regulations, and a declared rejection of the recognition of any federal unconstitutional firearms laws as well.

  6. Jack C says:

    I also agree that they are trying to change the constitution to suit their needs and take away our right to bear arms to protect our families.
    The constitution was written for the people and is not to be changed by anyone.
    What happened to freedom of speech and the other rights we had been given?
    They are slowly being taken away along with your privacy. It’s up to the people to vote these slugs out of office and vote for true patriots who respect our constitution and the Americans who have fought to preserve those rights!

  7. Eugene Wagner says:

    A very large number of our politicians forget that they work for “We The People”. The majority of “We The People” STAND FOR THE CONSTITUTION and our GOD GIVEN RIGHTS. Most will not STAND DOWN to all these attempts to destroy our Constitution and Bill of Rights. This is an attempt to destroy this Country and take control of “We The People”.
    If those Politicians continue, they will see how UNITED WE Really are. We don’t want trouble, we just want our rights to be left alone and return to the Real America we all grew up with.

  8. David says:

    Great comments by all. The tyrannical government is what the “framers” were talking about. I laugh when I hear the democrats talk about them. Like they even come close to their intelligence, bravery and pride of the America we all grew up with. Every law abiding gun owner should ignore every gun law, as they’re all an “infringement” of #2!

  9. james mahaffey says:

    leave the second amendment alone – work on corrupt politicians and congress’ organized crime .

  10. Hdfergie says:

    If they call it a law against out Constitution then it is NULL AND VOID, which means no law! We need to ignore these stupid ideas the libtards are throwing out and move on!! The minute you start recognizing it as a law then it’s considered past practice and we are stuck with it just like our FFLs and the unconstitutional NICS checks!! Your local FFL craps all over the constitution and acts like they are better than the rest of us who protect the Constitution!

  11. Ted Parrish says:

    Liberty or tyranny? It’s your choice. We cannot just ignore them, as some of you have stated. We have to confront them, publicly or otherwise. The most dangerous threat to liberty is government itself. There is evidence of this throughout history. Hold the line, stand your ground, and don’t ever, EVER back down. United we stand. Divided we fall.

  12. Todd says:

    As far as I’m concerned if your Politicians are not going offer Second Amendment Sanctuary, to their constituents then they should not have the right to have security, or their own firearms.

  13. Karen says:

    It’s sounds great to vote out these people that are trying to force a change of the Constitution on us. Part of the problem with voting these people out is the people that were taught about the Constitution & the laws of this Nation are dieing off & we are being left with voters that don’t truly know our history or what things really mean. They get told or taught in college things that are from the liberal side only. Which then leaves us with a bunch of morons that don’t verify, investigate or anything else on their own. I personally shudder to think what the U.S. will be in another 20 years.

  14. Mark Welsch says:

    Our firearms are our way of not having to abide with Tyranny or its laws. I believe that is why it is in the Constitution it says we have the right. It is our way of stopping Tyranny. The framers had been in a world like the liberals are trying to give us now. That is why they wanted arms given to the people so we can stop that kind of life. I can’t believe they thought we would just give up and let it go. To much has been given to keep those rights I will not lay down and give in.

  15. Brad G says:


  16. Loyd blackwell says:

    I live in Illinois if it was not for Chicago we would bea right to carry state the constitution over rides any state laws why won’t it hold up in court? How can states get by by braking the law?

  17. Ken says:

    This year will go down in history for the first time a civilized nation has full gun registration our streets will be safer our police more efficient and the world will follow our lead into the future. Adolph Hitler. 1935. Do we need to add two more names to this

  18. crazy gunsmith says:

    let me see if i have this straight. when the politicians amended the constitution and put in the second amendment , the politicians were good but if the politicians amend the constitution, by the process laid out in the constitution to do so and remove the second amendment like they have previously removed amendments in the past, the politicians are bad and its ok to defy the law and become a traitor to the country and the constitution you claim to love?
    it sounds to me that you only like democracy and the law if you agree with the law but if you are in the minority the law is no longer valid!
    i hope they never remove the 2nd amendment but if they do i will respect the law as it is written. this wonderful country means more to me than just the ability to own a gun!

  19. RON says:

    I’m a retired Marine Corp. war veteran. “All gave some, some gave all.” I would rather die standing on my feet than living on my knees. It is said “If a man hasn’t discovered something to die for, then he hasn’t truly lived”. My father taught me “You’re either a oak tree or a weeping willow”. I live by three principles: Faith, Family and Freedom. If you don’t care where you’re going then any road will get you there. Eagles don’t take flight lessons from chickens. Don’t get me wrong. I am a peace loving man. I am a law abiding citizen who loves his country. I will obey the laws of the land until they go against the laws of God. The liberals continue digging a hole deeper and deeper. An army of sheep led by a lion will defeat an army of lions led by sheep. Biden couldn’t find an elephant in a phone booth. He’s as useless as a fork in a sugar bowl. Let’s all do our part and Democracy will survive.

  20. Tim Totoian says:

    Yippee! In the tone of political correctness I’ll leave off the Kai Yay.

  21. Mike says:

    Yes it is time to vote the career politicians out of office. Most of them are not FOR the people but for their own personal gains.
    We need to keep the 2nd amendment as is but the laws that should change are for those that commit a crime while using a firearm. They should get an additional 25 years imprisonment on top of current sentencing limits with a possible parole after serving 75% of their time.
    If they change or get rid of the 2nd amendment then the only people that have guns will be outlaws.

  22. Mike says:

    If the tranny government we have now in Washington DC thinks that they can sit on their stupid ass’s and pass a unconstitutional law by a unconstitutional government and everyone going to just turn over their guns whatever they may be and the commoners as they view us are going to follow their bullshit of a law better be ready for all out HELL. That’s my perspective.

  23. Sam says:

    The 2nd Amendment protects American citizens freedom from Federal invasion and foreign illegals. Their business ends where my nose begins by the provision of the Constitutional 2nd Amendment law of the land. Crimes against American citizens are being fueled by politicians who allow both illegals free entry and “excused” known citizens who kill and destroy the very fabric of our country! You might say: “I’M FED UP!

  24. Ken says:

    Crazy gunsmith when the second amendment is removed this country will no longer be this country and it will not be the country that I spent time in service for. Nam Vet

  25. Wild Bill says:

    I believe in the 2nd Amendment and until it is, removed from the Constitution I have the right to keep and bare arms. Any laws to infringe on those rights, are illegal. The Constitution is clear.
    If the current regime insists on making law abiding citizens criminals, they do so at their own risk. Very few things more dangerous than someone who is pushed into a corner, with no way out.

  26. Wild Bill says:

    Gunsmith, if you allow them to take away our second amendment rights how long do you think you will be free? There are some things worth fighting for. Ever wonder what would have happened, had The King of England taken all arms away from the settlers. Allow me to enlighten you. You would still be a slave to the King, or worse.

  27. squirrly David says:

    1st Karen, you were the first real reasonable comment, thank you. Vladimir Lenin: “give me your children for four years and the seeds I have sown will last a lifetime”. And we give the children up for indoctrination for 12 plus 4 years. No wonder we are in this predicament.
    2nd Crazy (got that right) gunsmith, 1st sheeple, he may just want to go ahead and sell his firearms while he can get something for them. The buyer will have a good use for them. Defend freedom crazy doesn’t seem to cherish.
    3rd, Ron, my Dad was a Marine, and you sound the part. Simper fi.
    Vladimir Lenin: “1 man with a gun can control 100 without one” Any wonder why the Socialist/Commies want to control the guns? Controls freedom

  28. A Patriot says:

    I’m a vet. My father was career Army
    He spent his entire career fighting communism. If these ” liberal wanna be socialists ” think I’m giving up my rights guaranteed by our Constitution, they have another thing coming!
    AOC needs to take her ass back to where she came from.
    They want to take my guns, bring it!!!

  29. Michael S. C. says:

    some of my state is and some are not I think that my county is have to do more checking I know if some one is going to try to get them it will be a gun fight at the ok corral and i’ll be Wyatt Earp on them.

  30. Bob says:

    My dad, a WW2 vet (europe) said …
    “If they feed you, they will own you.”…
    See it coming? Take guns No jobs, just handouts.
    The pipeline is closed, gas is up 70 cents more a gallon in 2 months, so is unemployment.
    Prepare for the storm. vietvet.

  31. Kim says:

    Politicians cannot change the constitution. They can add an amendment but not remove. The must convene all states in which 37 of 50 states have to agree to a constitutional change.

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