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I was attending a conference back in December on book writing and while there I met a gentleman who recognized me and had read my book on vertical gardening.  He and I grabbed a cup of coffee and spent the next hour or so talking about gardening.  It was then that we realized that even though many of our views differed we had a major common denominator; a passion for preparedness.   Needless to say I was excited to see his book!

He sent me a copy of it to review last week and after reading it I felt it was something you would enjoy and find very beneficial.

After some discussion I managed to get him to release it free for a few days so I want to make sure that you can get your hands on it first.

Whereas my book goes into detail on utilizing vertical and container gardens to maximize usable gardening space, he goes into intricate detail to help  you build a more conventional garden that will put you well on your way to self sufficiency in this unstable world.

Click here to grab your copy of  Preppers Garden Food Productionir?t=absolright 20&l=as2&o=1&a=B00BH5H15Y while it's still free!

Below is Bevans opinion on why having your own secure and self sustainable food source is so important:

If you are able to grow food and the necessary seed, you will have access to food when you need time to think, to figure out what is going on as the world spins into confusion around you.  Having food security buys you time in which you are not forced to react.  Do you get what I mean?  Subsistence farming will give you confidence to take the time to observe what is going on in America and close to home. You'll have the luxury to put aside the crisis management mode in which you might make quick decisions that may later prove unwise.

Having no one and nothing that stands between you and access to food is a huge guarantee to economic and political self-determination. The right to choose, instead of being forced to have to comply is freedom. I call this a voluntary union with others of like mind instead of forced unification by coercion.  Subsistence farming will buy you the time to decide concerning the requirement to accept a number or mark to buy or sell.

It's obvious that ever since the financial decline that began in earnest in 2008, that most readers are well aware that money is not something that has any real intrinsic value.  You cannot eat it, wear it or keep warm with it, in any direct sense.  Today, it will purchase what we desire, if we have enough of it.  Looking at history will tell you that no matter how much of it you may have at present, it may not be enough for even the most basic necessities, in the future.

If we understood how serious inflation can be, we would be more concerned about consumer and national debt.  History, still in the making, shows us how serious this is.  It can erase your savings and cut your earning power drastically.  Many people I know have liquidated their “on paper” financial instruments such as stocks, bonds, even savings accounts and purchased, with today’s dollars, what they need to provide their necessities of life: food, clothing, shelter, warmth, medical needs, and personal hygiene in an uncertain future.

The never-ending Quantum Easing (QE) we have been witnessing are simply just loans from the Federal Reserve. These are debts we are incurring for generations to come.  Is this something we want to participate in?  What choice will we have, if we continue to obtain what we need from the current economic system? Do we recognize where the Federal Reserve gets its money from?  Do we  recognize that there is an international “federal reserve,” so to speak?

Do we see that Federal Reserve is not owned by the United States government, but is made up of private stockholders.  What if these private stockholders decide to call in the loans due?  Do we concede that, in striking this deal, that Franklin D. Roosevelt not only pledged American credit and assets; and the private assets of the American citizens; but also the labor equity of American citizens?  This information is freely available on the internet.  From this perspective, you will likely see that it is good to keep your freedom of choice by growing your own unregulated food.

Not only during the depression, but also during WW2 you could only purchase food on a rationed basis with a special card or food stamps issued by the government.  It was a matter of national security.  Does this sound familiar?  With the Patriot Act, Home Land Security, and FEMA; all under the control of the executive branch of our government headed by one man, This man has issued thousands of executive orders that have pretty much destroyed the Constitution of the United States.

We have a damned good right to be sufficiently concerned and a damned good right to grow and consume our own food.   Do you realize there are federal laws prohibiting “hoarding” more than sixty days supply of your necessities of life?  I believe preppers are considered a threat because they are not as controllable as the average citizen.

Is it becoming clear why people should have the seed and be able to grow their own food as a part of their preparations for future difficulties?  For those who tend to be more militant, I say what good are guns if you do not have food and your children are starving?  You can be a demonstrating activist only so long if you don't have something to eat.

It is pretty much a given now that there are no national grain reserves of significance in any nation on the globe.  After lobbying stockpiled grains out of existence, the oil companies are controlling  their production  and using a high percentage for ethanol. All the while, millions are starving every year.  All of this for a profit!   And of course, don't forget the need for the elite to control governments globally.  A wise man once said, “Grow wheat.  Don't sell it to purchase more material goods.  The time will come when nations can be purchased with wheat.”

Add to this the continually increasing incidence of natural disasters and the ever-increasing chance of world war looming on the horizon.  Isn’t it foolish to think that the government can feed us all? They don’t grow any food!   With the “White House Rural Council” and other programs set in motion by executive order, we are being forced into global participation in food production and distribution, energy, and a host of other resource reallocation's under the direction of the President of the United States in order to facilitate the creation of  a global government.

The US has already agreed to the implementation of a regional currency in the Americas.  We are on the brink of an international agreement for the same.  The elites brag that, “All we need is something to bring the American people together,” before they will act on this.  Look it up on the internet. I am not going to try to prove any of the things I am saying.  I’m likely preaching to the choir, but if not, it's time do your homework.

I’ll use one more example of why to grow and store food and seed.  FEMA & REX84.  Look up REX84 on the internet and you will find a listing of over 800 locations where preparations have been or are being made for POW. Or, rather, in today's vernacular, these are FEMA detention camps that have a total shared capacity of about thirty million people.  That’s right!

And now the law of the land gives the right or potential to incarcerate your fellow Americans without due process.  Think I’m nuts?  Look up Operation Garden Plot and you will find that the Kennedy administration set up a similar system to incarcerate over twenty million blacks in America if there was a racial uprising.  You can even find these in Wikipedia.

So what to do?  I can only address food production in this publication and I think you can now see why it is necessary for a free America, at least for those citizens who desire to remain free.  The authority of the President to pursue such activities, as described in REX84, comes under the War Powers Act.

Bevan has been kind enough to make his book free until Thursday 3.28.2013 at midnight.

Grab a copy of it for free now!  The only thing I ask is that (good or bad) you leave a review for him on amazon.

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Secure Your Food Supply Now!

  1. A J says:

    I do not own, nor can I afford, a Kindle. Is there another method of delivery of this gardening book? A link to my email perhaps?

    1. Joe says:

      Hi AJ, you don’t actually need a kindle to read it, you can use the cloud player from amazon, if you have an amazon account once you get the book you have the option of reading it directly from your computer.

    2. Mike says:

      Yes ! go to amazon and you can dowload to your PC !!

  2. VK says:

    I guess I am out of luck then because I only have my computer and a laptop.

    1. VK says:

      I have put information in both boxes.

    2. Joe says:

      hey VK,
      Not really sure what you mean?

      If you mean you can’t get the book because you don’t have a kindle, you don’t actually need a kindle to read it. You can use the cloud reader (it’s free) or any “smart” device like an ipad, iphone android phone etc.

  3. Carolyn J Truesdale says:

    I followed the prompts and downloaded Kindle for PCs for free. Then I downloaded this gardening book to read on my PC. It is in my Kindle for PC Library. This waS not hard to do and cost me nothing. I wish I knew this the last time the document said I needed a Kindle device. I did not get that one. I am sure would have liked to download it too.

  4. Amy says:

    Does the Kindle for PCs work with Macs too? I don’t have a PC.

    1. Joe says:

      absolutely it works on a MAC, just download the app in the itunes store

  5. Amy says:

    I don’t have a Kindle or PC, but just wanted to give everyone a heads up that if you have an Amazon account, you can read the book directly off your browser – by using Amazon’s Cloud Reader – no need to download anything!

  6. Farmist says:

    Book does not come up free – priced at $2.99

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