Self Defense Against a Mugger | What Would You Do? (Part 2)

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Where did the dog walker go wrong in his self-defense situation? Well, before we get to the answer, I need to tell you that you should be familiar with your home state's gun laws before you are ever placed in an incident where you may need to use a gun to defend yourself. You need to know when you can and cannot use a weapon in self-defense. Furthermore, anything I say should never be taken as law. And, if you haven't read the first part yet, do so now. 

Let's continue:

The answer could be as simple as: he let it go too far before he pulled his weapon. Personally, if I was a 90 year old WWII vet with an old decrepit dog who could barely walk, I would have at least made my intentions known the second I saw the knife.

He could have said something like:

“I'm an old man and don't want any problems. But if you proceed with your deadly weapon with intent to hurt me, I will shoot you.”

Now, I'm not familiar with the gun laws where our character is from, but in a lot of states you don't even have the option to defend yourself until an attack is imminent. In other words, the attack is about to happen. At this point in our story, the knife was seen, but an attack was not imminent.

Once the crackhead took out the growling dog, who was the old man's first line of defense, my weapon would have been in my hand, fixed on the attacker. It was at this point that the attacker made his intentions known. He was willing to harm the man's dog to get what he wanted.

So, my revolver would've been out at this point.

After all, most people will flee at the very sight of a gun. But, then again, the attacker was a junky looking for a fix. So, he wasn't most people. He was desperate. At this point, he needed drugs in order to function, and was willing to get the drugs by any means necessary.

Unfortunately, the dog walker didn't pull his firearm until after he was forcefully knocked down to the ground.

And, to make matters worse, he discharged a round into the guy's leg. Was this done on purpose? We don't know for sure. I come from the frame of mind that says you never shoot in the leg. Ever.

When your life is in danger, the last thing you could ever want to do is piss off a junky who doesn't feel pain.

Unless the bullet hits a joint or an artery, it won't even slow down someone who is willing to do whatever they can to get what they want. Instead, center mass (and thus, death) is always best. There are organs all over the place, and a few shots from a .38 special should do the trick to at least make them think twice about messing with you.

Now, our dude already unloaded one round into his attacker's leg, which, at best, leaves him 4 or 5 shots, depending on the type of .38 he has. A few well placed shots should be sufficient to take this bad guy out, if he's willing to take someone's life to save his own.

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Self Defense Against a Mugger | What Would You Do? (Part 2)

  1. Roy Brown says:

    Intent of the mugger was clear with his threat, knife out or not the attack was imminent from that second to me. ” I am in fear of my life!” a warning that I will shot him and any other movement besides him running away or doing as I say would be cause for me to feel the attack was imminent, if the knife was produced after that Smith & Wesson would do the talking, if the attacker was closer then 10 feet I would try to back away as I fired. All citizens carrying a firearm should do basic training and practice firing the weapon of there choice. Join a gun club, influence the club about self defense training for with and without a firearm.

  2. DEFENDER88 says:

    There are a lot of issues and problems we could discuss here, I will just mention a couple.
    1 – Center mass quick kill shots.
    A center mass shot does not guarantee a quick kill.
    People who have been shot in the heart have lived long enough to kill their killer(about 15 seconds).
    A lot can happen in 15 seconds with a knife.
    2 – Knives
    Look up the Tuller Drill – it has been used in knife attack cases to show that a person with a knife can be “on you” and kill you with a knife before (even the best competition shooters) can draw and shoot center mass. About 2.5 seconds. The “test” – Get a young friend put him 21ft away, holster a blue practice gun, At the start – start him running toward you at the same time as you begin to draw. Let him run by you but tag you on the shoulder or arm. Don’t use a real knife or any object just hands. He will have you stabbed before you can draw and place a shot. And this is if you know he is coming!!

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