Self Defense for Women: What Would You Do Different?

Self Defense for Women: What Would You Do Different? by Gun Carrier at

Interested in self defense for women?
Want to know what you can do to protect yourself, or want to teach these skills to a loved one?
The following story is a fictional account of an attack on a woman. Read carefully, and consider what the woman in this story could have done differently for a better outcome. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

Self Defense for Women: What Would You Do Different?

There is an average of 293,066 victims of rape and sexual assault every year (ages 12 and up). This means that every 107 seconds, another American is sexually assaulted.

I was one of them…

As usual, my alarm clock didn't wake me up and my boss, Jerry, told me that he'd fire me next time I was late. Ever since I decided to go back to school and continue working full time, I've been exhausted. It didn't matter how much sleep I got at night, waking up was still a chore, and was obviously something that my body didn't really want to do.
After I realized that I was running late, again, I knew that I had to get ready and out the door as quickly as possible. After all, I can't afford to lose my job because I can't swing college tuition without it. So, I ran over to my closet, grabbed my dress, and threw it on my body as fast as I could. The next stop was the bathroom, and finally the kitchen.
A cereal bar will have to hold me over again, I thought as I grabbed my purse and ran out the door.
I made it halfway down the driveway before I realized that I had two totally different shoes on. “Oh well, nothing I can do about it now that I'm out the door,” I said as I forced myself onward. The shoes were similar enough that most of my colleagues wouldn't even notice, at least that was the hope.
It was dark outside, as usual. Because my company was so far away, I had to get up at 3 am just to get there on time.
Of course, this made walking outside before the sun came up a bit unnerving, but I had my own protection, and that made me feel safe.
The fact that I live in one of those cookie cutter developments where every house is shaped the same, with the same amount of distance between them added to that sense of safety. In other words, just knowing that my neighbors were just a shout away, also helped me feel safe.
I thought I saw movement out of the corner of my eye as I walked outside, but everyone is asleep at that hour. I figured it was likely just one of Fran's cats, so I paid no attention to it.

That was a mistake…

Just as I opened my car door to get in, a very strong man grabbed my arm and slammed me into it.
He pressed his body up against mine, pinning me against the door. This left his open hand free to roam my body as he desired. The grip he had on my arm made it feel like it was in a vice, ever tightening beyond what I thought possible. I felt my body tingle, and I shivered with an intense fear that I've never known before.
I wanted to scream, but couldn't find the air to do so and it came out as a whimper, instead.
He whispered something foul into my ear. He told me what he was going to do to me and I wanted no part of it. But, he was so strong. He slid his hand down from my chest and over my stomach, until he stopped just short of where I thought his final destination would be.
I was so scared, but felt there was nothing I could do.
He removed his searching hand, and as he did he spun me around so I was facing him. He slammed me up against the car again, and I felt the weight of my purse hanging from my arm. I forgot that I didn't have a chance to put it into the car, and remembered what I had in there…

Daddy always said that girls need to carry a gun for self-defense, and now I understand why. I've got a license to carry a concealed firearm, but I never thought I'd need it. Not until this very second, anyway.

But his vice-like grip on my upper arm was too much to get out of. I'd never be able to pull my pistol out of my purse.
Self Defense for Women: What Would You Do Different? by Gun Carrier at
He gave me a once over look and, under his breath he said, “Oh yea, you'll do. Let's go have some fun.” As he finished talking, he spun me around so I faced my house, and told me to move.
He pushed me toward the door and never let up on his grip.
My time was running out, and I needed to think of something quick. What was about to happen slowly began to set in: At best, I was going to be raped. While the worst case scenario had me raped and left for dead.
“You're hurting me. I'll go with you and do as you please, but I need you to let go of my arm.” I said as I tried to mask the fear running through my veins. By the time I reached my front door, I had formed a plan that required him to let go of my arm. All I needed was enough to break free and pull my 9 mil from its resting place and put a few hollow points between this bastard's eyes.
I felt his grip loosen, buy not break away. Not completely, anyway.
In an attempt to get his intense grip to let go completely, I told him that I had to get my keys out of my purse. Finally, he released his grip so that I could reach my keys.

Only, I wasn't going to get my keys…

I shoved my hand into my concealed carry purse, pretending to get my keys, but my hand quickly changed course as my fingers gripped the cold 9mm handle. I flipped the safety, and in one swift motion, I twirled around, pulled my pistol and pulled the trigger with the muzzle pointed just inches from his face.
Self Defense for Women: What Would You Do Different? by Gun Carrier at
But, nothing happened. Not even a click…

What did I do wrong?

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12 Responses to :
Self Defense for Women: What Would You Do Different?

  1. Adam says:

    single action or double action?

  2. razzkar says:

    What I get out of this scenario might be that this woman did not have a round in the chamber. If that is what she did, then of course taking the safety off and squeezing the trigger, nothing will happen except a click. I always carry with one in the chamber with the safety on. You just never know!

  3. Charles Cairo says:

    That was taking another chance by pulling out the gun…concealment should remain constant in this case because of time as well she should have shot through the purse…just saying

  4. slowryder says:

    I own 5 Berrettas and 4 are SA/DA, 1 DA, which has no safety, all others with hammer block safeties. All Perfectly safe to carry with a round in chamber. With the safety on it places the hammer directly on the hammer block. When you disengage the safety and pull the trigger the hammer will strike the firing pin. So either no round in chamber or bad primer in cartridge.

  5. Ferd321 says:

    No round in chamber—-simple. She would have had to cycle the slide to load.

  6. Darlene Ali says:

    Always carry a round in the chamber!

  7. Andy Daniels says:

    She forgot to ‘rack a round’ into the chamber, as other people have mentioned. The scenario DOES expose one misconception that someone not really familiar with firearms probably will experience: In the rush of the moment, panic and fear and adrenaline running through your veins, someone who doesn’t train FREQUENTLY with their firearm will probably instinctively think “Hollywood” and will think it’s just ‘point, shoot, bang,’ The moral of the story: TRAIN, TRAIN, TRAIN!

  8. Al says:

    Hammerless airweight snubby .38 spl +P; always goes boom. Will fire inside a coat pocket or a purse.

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