Deadly Parasols | Umbrella As A Self-Defense Weapon

Portrait of the beautiful blonde girl with white umbrella in blue dress | Deadly Parasols | Umbrella As A Self-Defense Weapon

An umbrella has the capability to be an extraordinary everyday self-defense weapon. Read on and find out the many ways you can use your umbrella to defend yourself against an attacker!

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Self Defense Weapon: For the Rain, Sun, and Everything Else

1. Using the Umbrella for Close Combat

In a survival situation, we cannot limit umbrellas to a single-use. There are various ways to use an umbrella, and one of them is for self-defense.

Umbrellas are a gentleman's self-defense weapon indeed. You can use it to strike or block an attacker, or you can stab them using its tip or choke them with its hook.

In fact, there is a form of martial arts known as Bartitsu. It uses canes or umbrellas as its first line of defense.

Additionally, you can take some martial arts class like Bartitsu. This will help you harness the power of an umbrella against attackers.

What Is Bartitsu? It is a self-defense technique and a form of martial arts which originated in England. It is a combination of boxing, kickboxing, jujitsu, and cane fighting, thus related to the use of umbrellas.

There are a lot of things you can do when it comes to close proximity combat. However, without getting fancy, the best way of using the good ole umbrella is to use it as a light stick.

Stab, poke, swing, distract, and strike the culprit who wants to do you harm. You can also use the hook to trip, trap or choke your attacker.

Defending yourself is even better if you're using the Unbreakable Umbrella. This parasol is a phenomenal impact weapon.

Because it is as strong as a steel pipe, it won't break when you whack an attacker. However, it's still light, making it easy to carry, sort of like self-defense batons.

According to Gizmag, the Unbreakable Umbrella is a “peculiar mix of genteel elegance and chilling weaponry”. It may cost a bit more than an ordinary umbrella, but it's worth every penny.

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2. Using Parasols as a Projectile Launcher

The use of weaponized umbrellas has been a part of pop culture for quite a long time now. Batman's nemesis, the Penguin, has a wicked collection of parasols which turn into weapons.

Further, if you've seen the movie Kingsman: The Secret Service, you'll know Colin Firth's character beat up some hooligans using nothing but an umbrella. However, he didn't just use an ordinary umbrella.

Instead, he used a bulletproof one which came with gadgets such as a projectile launcher and a taser. In the real world, it turns out umbrella guns are not just fiction.

There was this particular incident where a Bulgarian novelist and political dissident named Georgi Markov was assassinated with the use of an umbrella gun in 1978. The weaponized umbrella has a poison pellet which hit Markov's thigh, causing his imminent death.

According to investigators and scientists, it was a modified parasol which had a cylinder of compressed air which discharged the pellet into the barrel after pushing the trigger. The trigger, hidden in plain sight, somewhere in the umbrella's handle.

You need to be some sort of expert in making weapons, though, to come up with an umbrella gun. Or perhaps, you need to be a secret agent or a spy to obtain one.

Although it is not far-fetched, it's also not easy to convert an ordinary sunshade into something which can cause physical damage when fired from a distance.


3. The Umbrella Sword for Self Defense

It may look like an ordinary umbrella, but hidden inside is a weapon for self-defense. When you unscrew the hardwood hook handle, a double-edged sword blade will reveal itself and thwart would-be attackers from executing their sinister plan.

You can carry an umbrella sword to protect yourself anywhere and anytime. It's also an innovative tool and one of the ideal concealed weapons to save your life when you need it the most.

Looking for non-lethal self-defense weapons? Watch this video from Howcast and learn some moves to defend yourself from an attacker with an umbrella:

Umbrellas can keep you more than just dry when it's raining, or give you shade when the sun is out. While uncommon, you now know it's one of the most effective self-protection weapons.

When you find yourself trapped in a dark alley with muggers coming after you, but you don't have a weapon, you can protect yourself with an umbrella. Regardless, it's always an advantage to carry an umbrella whatever the weather is.

According to J.F. Sullivan, an umbrella is “the true arm of the citizen.” Stay safe!

Do you know other ways to use an umbrella for self-defense? Share your technique with us in the comments below! 

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Deadly Parasols | Umbrella As A Self-Defense Weapon

  1. Oh my gosh. Those “unbreakable” umbrellas cost over $200. Looks like I’m stuck with cheap ones that’ll not survive more than a couple of blows. That doesn’t matter. I can stick with my defense baton, which was under $20. It’s small enough I don’t have to explain it, much less why I’m carrying an umbrella on a sunny day.

    1. Anonymous says:

      Carry your cane for weight bearing jobs and self-defense. Let the umbrella take care of rain.

  2. Wow! Umbrella comes in many uses that we can also use as a tool for self defense.

  3. TheSouthernNationalist says:

    My first remembrance of a self defense umbrella is from The Avengers, a 1960’s TV show about British Secret Agents. John Steed the main character in the show would use his umbrella for self defense and other neat stuff.

  4. Sam Williams says:

    I can use mine to hide, dark navy blends into shadows at night. I really prefer a cane for self defense much cheaper no moving parts except cane. The hook grips better good enough to rip a throat or under arm open. Painfull if leg hooking someone.

  5. Jim04 says:

    I have a couple Brigg umbrella with wooden sticks and they would be quite well to be weapons if one knows how to use them. Actually nice wooden canes are probably better though.

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