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Firearms Instructor Certification Training Course | Part 3 Business Secrets

Lesson 3.2 Firearms Instructor Business Secrets Part 2

Selling Point & Services

How do you sell yourself? How do you deal with customers who you REALLY wish hadn’t signed up? What is the single biggest mistake you can ever make in this job? Find out the answers to all this and more.

Click video below for:

    • Sell product you believe in
    • Believe in what you do
    • Don’t be afraid to sell
    • The one mistake to avoid
    • Don’t be afraid to fire a customer if they’re a pain in the butt
    • Bend over backwards for your customers
    • Free Firearm and Equipment Consultation
    • Testimonials are huge! How to get them?
    • Sell them more courses and products (during entry level classes)


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