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Feature | Proven Ways To Storm-Proof Your Home | Wind-Resistant Buildings

September 1, 2023 / Comments (1)

Weekly Recap

1. 17 Proven Ways To Storm-Proof Your Home

Consider these tips to storm-proof your home to help you survive and get back on track, fast! If you live in an area frequently hit by storms throughout the year, it is best to have your home built to withstand the weather.

Of course, having it insured will ease the stress off your finances if it does get hit. But investing to storm-proof your home will save you even more money and peace of mind.

Proven Ways To Storm Proof Your Home Feature

In fact, wind-resistant buildings have a higher market value in storm-prone areas. With that being said, below are storm-proofing methods you can be assured will help your home weather any storm… Click to read more

2. 9 Ways to Remove a Splinter

It can be hard and painful to remove a splinter. The most common first thought is “Where are the tweezers?” With tweezers, it can be a long process and can sometimes make the splinter go deeper into your skin.

Different Ways to Remove a Splinter Feature

This may cause wood splinter infection if left unattended. So here are 9 alternative ways to remove those pesky and often painful splinters… Click to read more

3. SURVIVAL TIPS: 6 Things You’re Not Doing That Will Bite You In The Ass

There are a ton of survival tips and tricks out there that focus on lists of junk you don’t need and forget about the small things. Sure, there are lots of items that would be great to have around in a post-event environment.

Does this mean you should be focusing on these lists of gear and other items as a means of preparation?

survival tips1 feature

My answer to this question will always be, “no.” To really stay prepared, try to integrate these habits into your life to improve your chance of survival when the SHTF… Click to read more

4. How to Maintain Your Hiking Boots

Maintaining your hiking boots is the last thing you may want to do after a long hike, but getting into this habit matters more than you may think.

tamara menzi maintain your hiking boots Feature

When you clean and maintain your hiking boots, you can make them last longer, saving you from unnecessary expense when your favorite boots fall apart… Click to read more

5. What is Urban Survival Syndrome?

Is Urban Survival Syndrome alive and well in big cities? If you’ve ever lived in a rough neighborhood, then you know that feeling. That feeling you get when you leave the house in the morning, wondering how many windows will be broken when you get back from work.

That feeling as you walk down the street—don't smile, don’t show weakness, and keep that game face on. That feeling of relief when you lock the door behind you upon getting home. That feeling right before you go to sleep as you go through your mental checklist: the back door is shut, the front door is good, windows are locked … You get the drill… Click to read more

6. How To Catch A Fish Without a Fishing Pole

If you’re heading out in the wild and don’t have any fishing equipment, you can include some items commonly found in your house as part of your survival fishing kit. Find out which things you can easily turn into fishing equipment.

If you don’t have any proper fishing equipment on hand, there are several other ways to catch a fish.

survival fishing kit ft image

You can use a makeshift fishing rod, net, or even your hands to help you put fish on your dinner plate. Knowing these different ways can save you from hunger when you’re outdoors.

To increase your chances of catching fish, it’s important to know what you can put in your survival fishing kit… Click to read more

7. Emergency Lighting | How Long Will That Bulb Last?

One of the most important things to consider in emergency lighting is how long the light will last. There are two issues here. One is the design of the light bulb itself.

how long will that emergency light last Feature
The other is how long the batteries energizing the light will last. Of course, for those times when home emergency lights do run out, it’s always a great idea to have a backup on hand… Click to read more

8. Wise Food Storage For Long-Term Survival

Survival wise food storage Feature
I’m certainly no stranger to dehydrated and freeze-dried foods as field rations. As a United States Marine, I lived on Meals Ready To Eat (MRE) for weeks at a time. So I understand the need for wise food storage… Click to read more

9. Knife Sharpening Made Easy

So your knife is dull as a dog biscuit, huh? And you want to do something about it, but don’t know where to start? You have found the right article, my friend. Sharpening a knife is a lot like many of these skills that fall into the self-reliance category. It’s something that virtually everyone could do just a few short years ago.

sharpening the knife with whetstone knife sharpening FEATURE ss

With that in mind, I would like to point out the basics of sharpening any knife. If you take the time to watch the video at end of this post, you will also see some of these in practice with various knife sharpening devices… Click to read more

10. Sinkholes Survival Life Tips | How To Prepare For The Worst

How To Prepare For The Worst Sinkholes Feature
Sinkholes are natural or man-made depressions in the ground. What causes sinkholes? They form when the topsoil collapses into the void below either gradually or abruptly. Sinkholes occur all over the world even in the urban or populated areas causing the destruction of property and loss of lives… Click to read more

What have you done this week? Let us know in the comments below.

What have you done this week? Let us know in the comments below.

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