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September 22, 2018 / Comments (1)

Weekly Recap

1. Breakthrough: How To Sharpen A Knife Without A Sharpener

Four Ways to Sharpen a Knife How To Sharpen A Knife Feature
Know how to sharpen a knife without a sharpener? You might not have one in a survival situation, so finding other ways to sharpen knives is an essential survival skill. If you have an old coffee mug or a broken glass laying around, chances are you won’t even need an expensive sharpener. We found a few easy knife-sharpening tricks and tips to make your knives good as new, and best of all, each trick only takes a few seconds. Here are 5 innovative ways to keep your blades razor-sharp using objects you likely already have in your home or nearby! Click to read more

2. How To Raise Quail For Eggs And Meat

quail bird feather animal raise quail pb Feature
Ever wondered how to raise quail? Take the next step in your homegrown protein-raising and adopt some quail. This unassuming bird happens to be one of the best options around for fresh eggs and meat. Here’s what quail can do for you… Click to read more

3. 7 Survival Benefits of Cinnamon

benefits of cinnamon ft image
When you hear the word cinnamon, I bet you automatically think of a decadent sweet treat, but you might be surprised to know there are a number of benefits of cinnamon for survival! Cinnamon is one of the most well-known spices around the globe, used in many recipes. But, preparing delicious desserts is not the only thing you can do with cinnamon. The next time you stock up on cinnamon, you might want to put some in your bug-out bag as well. Why? Well, there are a lot of benefits of cinnamon which can be practical for your survival outdoors… Click to read more

4. Urban EDC: Tools for the Best Urban Every Day Carry Kit

Tools for the Best Urban Every Day Carry Kit Urban EDC Feature
For most of us living in a city, daily survival is something we take for granted. An urban EDC kit isn’t at the forefront of our thoughts. Just because you live in an urban environment doesn’t mean you should be any less prepared than if you live in the country. When SHTF you don’t get a warning, you might be away from your home and gear, and your survival could depend on the items you carry with you every day. So do you know exactly the essential EDC items you need in an urban environment? Click to read more

5. 7 Tips for Surviving a Mob of Looters

riot police spraying unto protesters looters Feature
The riots in Ferguson, MO may have died down for now, but they leave a lasting memory that serves to once again proven how fragile society is and how many problems can be caused by violent looters. All it takes is one police shooting, one jury verdict, one natural disaster. A town can melt down into utter chaos and look like a scene you’d expect to see in Iraq or Afghanistan… Click to read more

6. POWER OUTAGE: What Happens When Power Goes Out?

title power outage 2
You’re enjoying a relaxing evening watching television when suddenly all the lights go out. The TV shuts off and the room goes quiet. The sound of silence is foreboding. You just lost all electrical power and you immediately get uneasy. You look outside the window. The whole neighborhood is dark. There are no traffic sounds, no noise, no street lights–all is still and silent. You begin to see flashlights and candles flickering in the windows of nearby houses… Click to read more

7. The Weakness Of Underground Bunkers

The Weakness Of Underground Bunkers Feature
We often think of underground bunkers as being the ultimate survival backup plan. Whether it’s a natural disaster, civil unrest, or the zombie apocalypse, these survival shelters can prove to be pretty useful when it comes time to batten down the hatches… Click to read more

8. DIY Paracord Hammock Chair

women hammock pond age pensioners paracord hammock chair pb Feature
A DIY paracord hammock chair makes a great project for preppers. You can set up this DIY paracord chair just about anywhere in the woods as long as there are two trees close together. With paracord as the material, you can be sure that it will hold… Click to read more

9. DIY Garden Design To Grow 100 Pounds Of Potatoes

Garden Design feature
Small space gardening is both efficient and convenient. Being able to produce food without a large area is a truly useful skill for any survivalist, and few foods are better for survival than potatoes. They keep for a long time, are extremely versatile and filling, and just about everyone likes them. Seriously, have you ever met someone who doesn’t enjoy potatoes in one way or another? Learn how to grow 100 pounds of potatoes in 4 square feet garden design with these easy, cheap potato boxes… Click to read more

10. Off-Grid Solar Survival: Top 5 Things to Consider Before Diving In

solar roof solar energy Off Grid Solar Survival pb feature
If you’re considering going off-grid with solar and a battery bank, you’re probably wading through a jungle of questions and research. To decide if off-grid solar survival is right for you, let’s set the ultra-technical aspects aside (mostly) for a moment, and work through the top 5 questions to ask yourself before diving in, getting off-grid, and soaking up the rays! Click to read more

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