Shooter's Guide To Choosing The Best Self-Defense Cartridge

.32 H&R magnum self-defense
.38 Special
self-defense with .38 special

Photo Credit: Midway USA

Generally speaking, the ballistics of a .38 special are only slightly better than the .380 ACP, and, as such, should also be considered as the smallest you'd want to carry (in a revolver). However, one thing that .38 Special is great for, is target practice, and getting used to your gun, if it is also chambered in the much more devastating .357 Magnum (more on this in a minute).
However, I do want to say here, that Gun Carrier does not teach people to target practice with one round, and then use another one for self-defense. We believe that you should shoot what you carry, at least some of the time, because two different rounds can feel different, throwing you off in a self-defense situation.

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