Hunting And Shooting During A Pandemic

Hunting And Shooting During A Pandemic

The global pandemic has slowed down the entire world, it seems. But if sports are running again, it’s common sense to ask whether we should be hunting and shooting during the pandemic, as well. Let’s examine this question from all angles.

How to Go Hunting and Shooting During a Pandemic

Is It Worthwhile to Hunt and Shoot During a Pandemic?

In a word: yes!

Hunting and shooting, far from being activities that you ought to give up during this era of social distancing, are two things you can continue to practice and enjoy even while the coronavirus progresses.

In fact, hunting and shooting are ideal activities during a pandemic since they:

  • Don’t require you to be indoors
  • Don’t require you to spend time near other people
  • Offer an avenue for outdoor exercise while gyms are closed
  • Are important skills to keep up if social unrest continues
  • Are opportunities to socialize with people away from a screen

In truth, hunting and shooting are both fantastic habits and activities to continue.

There aren't as many risks associated with these activities compared to other social gatherings, so they're great ways to continue to hang out with your friends and coworkers, provided you all observe the right safety precautions.

Hunting – More Important Now Than Ever

Hunting – More Important Now Than Ever | Hunting and Shooting During a Global Pandemic

We’d like to focus on hunting specifically between the two activities.

That’s because, since COVID-19 can be dangerous to older people or those with respiratory illnesses or issues, even things as innocent as going to the grocery store can be risky.

Furthermore, grocery stores are always vulnerable to supply shortages.

We saw this during the early days of the pandemic when many grocery stores lost stock of their most valuable and staple items.

Basically, you can’t always rely on grocery stores to be your sole food source, either because of their stock or the risk inherent in heading to the store.

But hunting provides an alternative way to secure your own food if you live in an area rich with certain animals, like deer, turkeys, hogs, and even squirrels.

In fact, this skill may become even more important as the months go on.

The year 2020 has so far included moments of social unrest the likes of which haven’t been seen in decades.

If the trends continue, this social unrest may ramp up with COVID-19. In this case, sticking to your own property and securing your own food could be the only way to do so safely.

Tips for Hunting and Shooting During a Global Pandemic

If you plan to hunt or shoot during the global pandemic, there are a few tips you should keep in mind to maximize your safety and the safety of others.

  • Always wear a mask. We know, we know, the science says this, that, etc. The truth is, there are articles you can pick from either side of the debate that says that masks either are or are not effective. We’re not here to debate whether they actually stop all of the coronavirus’ particles from entering the air – the fact is that they do help to some extent, and every little bit could make a difference for someone else. Wear a mask if you go to a gun range with other people. You can obviously leave it behind if you go on a hunt by yourself or even with a few trusted buddies.
  • Be sure to practice social distancing regardless. This means not sharing items or objects that you don’t have to, and no passing a cigar around between friends. Better safe than sorry!
  • Consider setting up your own shooting range on your property if local gun courses are closed due to the pandemic.

Wrap Up

Wrap Up | Hunting and Shooting During a Global Pandemic

In the end, hunting and shooting during the pandemic remain important habits to maintain.

Keep all of the above points in mind if you are considering taking up your rifle once again after an extended hiatus.

When was the last time you went hunting or shooting since the pandemic? Share with us your concerns in the comments section!

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