3 DIY Shooting Targets You Can Make At Home

Target Shooting | DIY Target Stands You Can Make at Home

Do you want to improve your marksmanship? No need to go to the shooting range. You can practice at home first with these DIY shooting targets!

Making Your Own DIY Shooting Targets

Many experienced marksmen prefer shooting outdoors to shooting inside.

Outdoor ranges are usually bigger with more space between guests, and there is more freedom to practice with a variety of guns and techniques. Other benefits can sometimes include shorter wait times and lower range fees.

Shooting outside can be a humbling experience, especially if you experiment with moving targets or walking as you attempt multiple targets. There is no better way to sharpen your skills for a variety of scenarios.

When shooting outdoors, you do often have to provide your own targets and target stands. While many are satisfied with using bottles or other garbage from around the house, it’s very simple to build target stands that allow you to use paper targets.

Tracking your improvement and accuracy has never been easier, and none of these designs will break the budget. You don’t even need to be especially handy, and cleaning up the range is a breeze at the end of the day.

1. PVC Target Stand


A PVC target stand has a simple and inexpensive design that breaks down easily and quickly. All of the pieces you need can be picked up at any hardware store.

What you need:

  • 8 pieces of black ABS pipe, 1 ½ x 24 inches
  • 2 black ABS tees
  • 4 black ABS elbows
  • 2 wooden furring strips, 58” long
  • One piece of cardboard


  • Arrange six pieces of pipe into a rectangular base and connect with the elbows and tees.
  • The last 2 pieces will connect upwards in the middle.
  • Insert the furring strips and staple a piece of cardboard to them, and then just add your target.

2. Steel Plate Stand


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If you want to practice shooting steel, this next target stand is for you. As simple in design as the PVC stand, it can be assembled and broken down just as easily.

Remember that when shooting steel, you’ll want to stand at least 10 yards from your target for safety reasons.

What you need:

  • AR500 steel plate, 8” in diameter, 1/2” thick
  • Folding sawhorse
  • 2 carabiners
  • Rope or paracord


  • Set up your sawhorse so it’s as tall as it gets.
  • Clip the carabineers to the holes in the steel plate, and use the rope to tie the carabineers to the sawhorse.
  • You’re ready to shoot steel.

3. Moving Target Stand

This rudimentary moving target stand is a little more complicated to make, and you’ll need a second set of hands to use it on the range. But using a moving target is a great way to sharpen your skills, so it’s well worth the effort.

What you need:

  • 4 lawn mower tires
  • 2 steel rods, 1/2” thick
  • 4 2x4s (recommended: 30-40” long)
  • 2 pieces of ABS pipe, 1 ½ x 24 inches
  • Screws
  • 4 washers
  • 2 furring strips, 58” long
  • 4 push caps
  • 2 eye bolts
  • 2 dog stakes (check your local pet store)
  • Rope
  • One piece of cardboard


  • Your 2x4s will make up your square or rectangular base (depending on the length you chose). Drill holes in 2 of the 2x4s for your steel rod axles, and then screw together your 2x4s.
  • Put washers on the axles and attach the tires and push caps.
  • On one of the sides with wheels, screw in your ABS pipe; screw the eyebolts into each end of the base without wheels.
  • Insert the furring strips into the pipes just like you did with the PVC pipe stand, and staple the cardboard to them.
  • When you’re ready to use your target, tie a piece of rope to each eyebolt.
  • Put the dog stakes in the ground as far apart as you want the target to move.
  • Place the target between the dog stakes and run the rope around the dog stakes.
  • Whoever is shooting should stand closer to the target, with a partner behind them, holding the ropes and moving the target back and forth.

Shooting can be an expensive hobby between purchasing your firearms, ammunition, targets, and range time. Making your own shooting targets and shooting outdoors can cut down on the cost. Try out these designs and keep sharpening your skills!

Do you have other ideas on how to DIY shooting targets? We'd love to hear from you in the comments section!

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