SHOT Show 2016 | Franklin Armory Binary Firing System (video)

shot show 2016
shot show 2016

SHOT Show 2016 Binary Firing System

I finally found who I was looking for at SHOT Show 2016. Because, who doesn't like throwing down some serious lead at close to full-auto rates of fire? We caught up with Franklin Armory, and got them to demo their Binary Firing System, or BFS.
It really is a brilliant idea, and one that has many gun enthusiasts literally foaming at the mouth like a rabid dog.
The main question on my mind, which I asked the rep, is whether or not I'd have to buy an entire lower, or, if they'd sell me a trigger to bolt up into my mil-spec lower.
I'm glad to report that for about $400, freedom-loving Americans can purchase just the BFS trigger to drop into their AR-15. Or, for a couple more Benjamins, you can purchase the entire lower already assembled.
Essentially, this trigger fires a shot on the pull and release of the bang-switch, which just about doubles your rate of fire.
Let Freedom Ring!
Of course, there are a few un-important downsides. For example, your finger may feel like it'll just fall off from exhaustion (kinda like my legs do after walking 15 miles per day since Monday). And, there are also reports that you can pull the trigger too fast, causing a malfunction.
But, I can't say as though I'm that worried about either one of those “potential downsides.” I mean, I've got 10 fingers lined up just waiting for a good time, and clearing malfunctions is good zombie apocalypse practice.
The only thing I'm really worried about is draining the bank account because I can't seem to keep 5.56 rifle cartridges around long enough…
Maybe I'll buy stock in an ammo manufacturer.

Sadly, our SHOT Show 2016 coverage is beginning to come to a close. I'll be adding content during the coming weeks, however, so make sure you check back. Oh, and make sure you check out Gun Carrier's YouTube Channel for Range Day videos.

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