Shot Show 2016 | Gun Carrier at Las Vegas Shot Show – Day 1, Wedesday, January 19th 2016

shot show 2016

January 20, 2016 / Comments (3)


Resident expert and Editor-in-Chief Josh Gillem from Gun Carrier is covering all the best guns, mods, accessories and more at SHOT Show 2016® as well as the latest in hunting apparel, expert interviews, and every other red, white, and badass thing he can get his hands on during the show. Check back regularly for up-to-the-minute gun reviews and gun news from Shot Show 2016.
As the largest trade show of its kind in the world and the fifth largest trade show in Las Vegas, the SHOT Show features more than 1,600 exhibitors filling booth space that covers 630,000 square feet of 2nd Amendment glory. The show, which is a trade-only event, attracts more than 62,000 industry professionals from all 50 states and 100 countries.

JEM Arms The Lefty AR

APO New MRCS AR (Savage)

Battleline Industries New Products

Dead on Arms (AR build)

CMMG MK 47 Mutant

Trigger Point Technology New Laser for Glock

Dead Foot Arms

SRM Arms Model 1216 Shot Gun

Kaos Concealment

DEZ Arms New .308 rifle

APO New MRCS AR (Savage)

Wilkinson Tactical

Are you having a blast at SS? Please send us your photos, reviews, questions, or anything else! Share you Shot experience on our Facebook page or just cry to us how badly you wish you were there too! Got a great tip on something you'd like Josh to check out for you? Put that in the comments below as well, or shoot us a direct email at [email protected].

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Shot Show 2016 | Gun Carrier at Las Vegas Shot Show – Day 1, Wedesday, January 19th 2016

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