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shot show 2016

I've already told you what my favorite range gun from SHOT Show 2016 was. It really is no surprise seeing how Kimber makes some of the highest quality firearms in the industry. In case you've forgotten, this is in reference to the K6s revolver that the renowned 1911 manufacturer just released.
shot show 2016
It is a six shot .38/.357 magnum revolver. Its claim to fame is that it is small, lightweight, accurate and made from the finest materials. Here is a video of me running a few rounds through this $900 pistol at the range:

In addition to this sexy revolver, Kimber released a new Micro, and an uber shiny purple handgun called Amethyst Ultra II. The purple one can be found with a 9-round magazine that is chambered in 9mm and a 7-round magazine chambered in .45ACP.  This sub-compact concealed carry handgun has a 3 inch barrel and is available for a suggested MSRP of over $1,600. 
shot show 2016
The Kimber Micro can be found in .380 and 9mm, depending upon the model you choose. This sub-compact carry piece can has a barrel length of 3.15 inches, and is available starting in the $650 dollar range.
Sadly, I ran out of time at the range, and wasn't able to shoot these two. I'm sure I'll get around to it, though, so stay tuned. If you're looking for more SHOT Show coverage, be sure to check out Gun Carrier's YouTube channel.

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